Thonon-Les-Bains, Eurotour #5, Booth 1, Connor 3 and Sonni-Olivia take 1-2 for Starboard

Eurotour Week 5. The podium saw the starboard Dream Team smash it again with 7 top 5 spots between men and women at the beautiful 18 km crossing between Switzerland and France.

Michael Booth got back in winning form dominating the race and breaking apart early for this race followed by Titouan Puyo in a see of Allstars and sprints. Connor was the closest to be able to take away that second place and almost closed the gap before having to settle for third place. This is the third time Ti2 finishes each race second, twice behind Booth and once behind Connor. Following Connor were his team mates, Trevor, Bruno and Leonard closing the top 6.

Michael Booth is still leading the Eurotour rankings with a confortable lead on Connor sitting second followed closely by Titouan Puyo.

For the women’s, it seemed as deja-vu with the exact same results for the third time in a row for the German powerhouse Sonni Honscheid winning her third Eurotour victory followed by her French team mate Olivia Piana. Great performance of local French Starboard rider Amandine Chazot finishing 5th behind Seychelle Hattingh third and Spaniard Susak Molinero in fourth.

Sonni is in firm lead of the rankings almost locking soon her third consecutive eurotour title as she gets more and more out of reach of Olivia followed in third by Susak Molinero.

Check the incredible videos below of the Long Distance race and the Sunday’s sprint race won by Dream Team rider Trevor Tunnington from New Zealand.


Men’s Long Distance Race:

1. Michael Booth
2. Titouan Puyo
3. Connor Baxter
4. Trevor Tunnington
5. Bruno Hasulyo
6. Leonard Nika

Women’s Long Distance Race:

1. Sonni Honscheid
2. Olivia Piana
3. Seychelle Hattingh
4. Susan Molinero
5. Amandine Chazot

Photos and videos Georgia S Photography for #StarboardSUP