Congratulations to our world champions and team riders winning events the world over. They all use boards made from plant based resin, indicating the future of innovation quality.

Check out the SUPKids program, merging SUP with water safety and environmental awareness.

Blue Carbon and Carbon Sandwich technology boards are further ahead of the game, combining light weight with high strength and durability. Starlite and Pine Tek, our new premium technologies, are insanely strong and with scratch resistant Carbon innegra rails.

The new Inflatable Zen boards have shed up to 2kg of weight, feature rail stiffeners and top/bottom high density stringers. The Ultra light Deluxe boards sporting 3K Carbon stringers are made with the fused technology we pioneered development of 4 years ago.

For each board shipped we plant one Mangrove tree, absorbing up to 1 ton of CO2. Beware, there will be no plastic wrapping on your Starboard.

Get on board!