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Custom Glass Carbon:

The Custom Glass Carbon construction is a lightweight hybrid layup, which offers a good weight and great strength. This construction technology combines performance and great value.

• The deck has a 2mm crocodile skin textured deckpad in the standing tray.
• There are multiple handle mounts to add and change the set up. All handles have EVA paddling for added grip.
• Reinforced drainage holes are fitted to reduce water sitting in the tray.
• Includes both front and rear leash mounts.
• All race boards are fitted with a green Hexcel race 24” Centre fin.

Tech Spec:

Custom Glass Carbon construction uses an EPS 15 kilogram per meter cubed foam core. A layer of glass is then wrapped around the entire board for bonding. The carbon unidirectional rails are then fitted for extra reinforcement. The standing area is then reinforced with 2 wide strips of 0.6mm Australian pine wood followed by a layer of glass to prevent heel marks over time. Finally, a full wrap of biaxial glass fiber covered with military grade plain weave is used to give great impact resistance for its weight and also provides a good flex pattern.