Glen Eldridge Wins Big Ben Race

London, England – Good weather, a great crowd of racers with over 60 people taking part looking to SUP in an interesting part of the Thames.



The Big Ben SUP Race is offers paddlers a different perspective of London | PC Severine Vasselin


Fastest paddle overall in the Big Ben Race yesterday was Glenn Eldridge with a winning time of 1 Hr 51. Times were faster this year as the tide turned almost as predicted. Holly Henderson was the fastest female rider with a time of 1.59. Duncan Slater was fastest male on the 12.6″ air class and Sarah Smith the fastest female 12’6″ rider with a time of 2.06 More images to follow tonight as we are out on the river now.



Well done to Starboard Riders Peter Kosinski (2nd), Glen Eldridge (1st) and Ben Pye (3rd) | PC Severine Vasselin


“The 2nd Big Ben SUP event was one of those unique events which should go on everybody’s bucket list of race events. Racing through the iconic city of London was one of those experiences were we were all surrounded by the city of London but not getting to see anything because we were too busy racing. The river was flat which led my choice of board to be the Starboard 23” sprint and having a medium bolt was the perfect paddle for the long 20km paddle. Allowing me to paddle with a good cadence from the start of the race.
I didn’t have the best of performance’s due to having zero training. I managed to stay in contention for the 1st half of the race but got caught up on the 2nd half of the race. Meant a 2nd place finish overall. Behind Cornwall based Starboard rider Glenn Eldridge. I want to say a big thank you to Active 360 for all the organisation. As well to all the other sponsors for supporting the event. “
Peter Kosinski



Getting up close with Big Ben | PC Severine Vasselin


Race division results for Big Ben Challenge 2017 in London:


Male 14ft

Glenn Eldridge  1.51.59
Peter Konsinski  1.53.33
Ben Pye   1.53.47
Female 14
Holly Henderson 1.59.39
Emily King     2.02.11
Sasha Chisholm  2.22.40
Male 12’6 Air
Duncan Slater  1.59.33
James Roorda 2.06.59
Harry Payne 2.07.43
Female 12’6” Air
Sarah Smith 2.06.46
Shara Dubean 2.09.03
Elvia Rogo  2.10.15