EuroTour #7: Michael Booth and Olivia Piana on a roll

In one of the most versatile races of the year, Michael Booth and Olivia Piana took again the win at stop #7 on the EuroTour in the beautiful town of San Sebastian in Spain. This race had everything: waves, flat water, open ocean and downwind conditions. These conditions really tried the international field present.

At the end of one of the funnest races of the year, Michael Booth took his fourth victory in his Eurotour campaign with nearly a minute advance over team mates Connor Baxter closely followed by Bruno Hasulyo closing the top 3. Titouan Puyo finishes fourth right in front of Trevor Tunnington.

Olivia Piana after her incredible last week with 3 victories out of which 2 european titles added one more victory after beating Susak Molinero by nearly three minutes to the finish line with a big surprise in the absence of Sonni Honscheid, actual leader of the women’s EuroTour 2017.

For a full recap, check out SUPracer.

From L. to R.: Connor Baxter, Bruno Hasulyo, Michael Booth


Men’s Division
1st Michael Booth
2nd Connor Baxter
3rd Bruno Hasulyo
4th Titouan Puyo
5th Trevor Tunnington

Women’s Division

1st Olivia Piana
2nd Susak Molinero
3rd Seychelle Hattingh
4th Susanne Lier
5th Cyara Palenzuela