EuroTour #6 Clean sweep by the Dream Team in Bilbao this weekend.

Starboard Dream Team has a great day’s racing at the The Euro Tour for the Bilbao WORLD SUP Challenge taking the 4 first places in men and the first 2 in women.

Michael Booth led the pack to victory with an excellent performance by Italian Leo Nika taking second place in front of Connor Baxter and Trevor Tunnington all on Starboard Sprints. Bruno Hasulyo finished in sixth position behind Hawaian Mo Freitas.

Olivia Piana had a great weekend with three victories, here at Bilbao and 2 at the Eurocup making for an exhausting weekend but still managing to take first place in front of fellow team rider Sonni Honscheid after paddling 15 kms the day before.

Congratulations to all the team riders.

Michael Booth, winner of the men’s event said ”Winning in Bilbao was always going to be tough as everyone is paddling so fast. The flat unassisted conditions on the river made it extremely difficult to break the train. After many attempts to break away the race inevitably came down to a sprint finish. To win in a sprint finish is extremely special for me as it wasn’t my plan and it shows how important the ability to adapt when competing is. Coming into Bilbao I had a relaxing week in Hossegor training and surfing and have found a home away from home there. For me it’s really important to not only recover physically but also mentally from the demands of racing week after week.

All the Starboard riders are paddling fantastic and we’re fighting for victory all the way to the finish. At Bilbao all the dream team riders chose to ride the Starboard Sprint 14 x 21.5. This board has been instrumental to my successes in the Euro Tour with its speed, stability and manoverability unmatched. Now it’s time to refocus my attention to San Sebastián this weekend and I hope to finish the tour strong”

Trevor Tunnington finishing a strong fourth completing the fully stacked Starboard podium commented:
“This weekend in Bilbao was another great and very close race! From the start it seemed like the whole starboard team grouped up together into a team pack (with the addition of Mo Freitas and Titouan). Connor, Boothy, myself, Leo, Bruno and the other two powered ahead for the first 15 minutes and very quickly broke the train. The first pack (our pack) had around 400 meters on the second group so we started pacing and swapped the lead around every 5 minutes to share the wash ride.

We paddled past a music festival and probably hundreds or more spectators who lined the walls above the city river. A couple times team starboard tried to pull away from Mo and Titouan but our efforts weren’t good enough. It all came down to the last turning can. Boothy, Leo, Connor and I turned the can within a couple seconds of eachother and sprinted the last 500 meters to the finish. I think the top 5 guys were all within approximately 2 or 3 seconds of one another. Another exciting event!

The sprints worked very well on the race course on the weekend and I’m stoked with the results! First 4 Starboard 😁👍 Thanks guys!“

Deserved victory for Olivia Piana after three-straight runner-up finishes behind Sonni Honscheid these last weeks, this weekend she won the Bilbao EuroTour stop in front of the German powerhouse as well as the beach and distance races at the Eurocup becoming the SUP Race European Champion.

She said about the event: “I still can’t believe what happened this week with these three straight wins. The ISA Euro Champ in Portugal was amazing as we made the races in such beautiful conditions: challenging Technical Race on big waves and a crossing from an island to the beach for the 15k Distance Race. I’m super happy to get the European title again, in individual and team ! I use the Allstar 12’6 by 23,5″ on both races, TR and DR working well on the generous Portuguese conditions : choppy water, surf, upwind and downwind !

I didn’t even know if I was able to race at Bilbao after the 15k at the Euro Champ the day before. I just wanted to share this moment with my friends, and I won the race… As Churchill said : “Everyone knew it was impossible to do. Then one day someone came who did not know him, and he did.” Bilbao is my first event title of the 2017 EuroTour after some big battles with Sonni Hönscheid each week over in Europe. I feel lucky and happy to push up our lovely sport together. I used the Sprint 14′ by 21,5″, every time ride this board I’m impressed how it’s stable and fast.”


1st Michael Booth

2nd Leonard Nika

3rd Connor Baxter

4th Trevor Tunnington

5th Mo Freitas
6th Bruno Hasulyo

7th Titouan Puyo

1st Olivia Piana

2nd Sonni Hönscheid

3rd Seychelle Hattingh
4th Susak Molinero

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