Dream Team takes top honors at Eurosup Peniche

Last year he finished second in the Eurosup held in his own country at Lacanau behind fellow frenchman Antoine Delpero, but after having dominated the French World Champion in semi finals the young briton became the new SUP Surf European Champion in Portugal.

“Could not be more happy from my performance this week, finishing with a european champion title ! We got the opportunity to surf Supertubos, a world class wave in a SUP contest with only 3 other guys in some really nice conditions, super good vibes on the beach from all the team and some really good action. It’s been a battle with my team mate Pierre Rollet until the last second of the final but I got it !! Now focus on the ISA world championship coming down in september in Denmark.“ commented Benoit Carpentier.

For the women’s SUP Surf event, Iballa Moreno, the SUPing half of the Spanish legendary Moreno twins won the final of the SUP Surf event taking also the SUP Surf European Title for Spain and the Dream Team.

Check the highlights of the Long Distance race of the Eurosup Peniche:

For racing, Olivia Piana had an incredible weekend, winning both the beach race then the long distance the following day in this event and then the next went on to win the long Distance race in the Iberdrola Bilbao Challenge of the EuroTour. Three tops spots in 3 days.

Laura Quetglas, Spanish national team rider, obtains 2 silver medal for twice coming right behind Olivia Piana repeating her last year’s distance silver medal.

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Technical Race:

Men’s results:
1. Casper Steinfath (DEN)
2. Arthur Arutkin (FRA)
3. Titouan Puyo (FRA)
4. Leonard Nika (ITA)
5. Christian Andersen (DEN)
6. Filipe Meira (POR)

Women’s results:
1. Olivia Piana (FRA)
2. Laura Quetglas (SPA)

3. Nicoline Rasmussen (DEN)
4. Marie Buchanan (ENG)
5. Angela Fernandes (POR)
6. Susanne Lier (GER)

Long Distance Race:

Men’s results:
1. Titou – FRA
2. Arthur Arutkin – FRA
3. Leonard Nika – ITA
4. Casper Steinfath – DEN
5. Claudio Nika – ITA

Women’s results:

1.Olivia Piana – FRA

2. Laura Quetglas – SPA

3. Angela Fernandes – POR

4. Susanne Lier – GER

5. Ginnie Odetayo – ENG

SUP Surf:

Men’s results:
1. Benoit Carpentier
2. Pierre Rollet
3. Juan de los Reyes

Women’s results:

1. Iballa Ruano
2. Justine Dupont
3. Sofie Simonson