Blade Technology


• Custom woven Biaxial 60/60 degree Carbon cloth and a high density PVC core absorbing less resin.
• Biaxial 45-degree glass fabric used to increase the durability and reduce risk of buckling.
• Retains strength while possessing incredibly good flex characteristics.
• Bolt has a shortened stringer to give more flex and recoil at the very tip of the blade.
• ABS rail insert along the entire edge of blade for added durability.
• Extra reinforcement on the blade neck for greater overall  strength.


• Our new Carbon FlexTech offers an extremely thin and ultra reactive blade, available as a  Bolt M blade.
• The surprising amount of flex in the tip loads the blade with energy creating a more organic paddle stroke thus resulting in greater efficiency with less impact to the body.
• An  revolutionary technology for paddlers with high cadence strokes who like to cover long distances.
• The paddle is not suited to wave riding due to its concave back side steering the blade way when leaned on.


• High density PVC Core reduces resin uptake making the blade stronger and lighter than ever.
• UD Carbon stringer continues all the way from the neck to the top of the blade, enhancing the reflex characteristics and strength.
• Full ABS rail and protective top sheet covering artwork and surface finish.
• Extra reinforcement on the blade neck for greater overall  strength.
• All size Tiki Tech blades sold separately in Red, Blue, Green, and Purple graphics with matching ABS Edge.


• Strong and extremely durable ABS foils based on the Enduro M and XS blade.
• Slimmer profile reduces weight for improved efficiency.
• Perfect for whitewater paddling and schools due to extreme strength and high impact resistance.
• A great value due to strength and high quality shape.
• 100% recycled ABS (ABS material required from automotive
protection plants)


• The well balanced all round blade received the new double concave that helped make the Bolt such a great paddle.
• The Enduro is more direct in the water: the first catch feels incredibly precise and powerful. Increased cadence due to a smoother waterflow around the blade.
• Low aspect design makes it easy to lift out of the water with each stroke and also great to lean on while wave riding.
• 2015/2013 ISA World Champion Sean Poynter’s favorite choice for wave riding on Tour.

• Unique square outline and 10 degree angle makes it exceptionally direct.
• Double concave on the power face creates an effortless and forgiving catch.
• The blade aligns itself in the water for maximum tracking with power transfer in a forward motion.
• The choice of 2016/2015 Euro Tour Champion racer Connor Baxter and anyone looking for an efficient paddle.

• Reshaped Polo blade offers higher and straighter side walls for greater power when paddling in a fast paced game.
• New smart drainage hole on the tip of the blade makes the “ball play” more precise and efficient. Extra holes top and bottom of the ball holder to thread a net for improved catch or for collecting debris in the water when not playing.
• Grabbing the ball has never been easier with more paddling speed and more ball control. Ready? Play !!!
• 100% recycled ABS.