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Around this time of the year I am usually spending my time competing in Europe for the Stand Up World Series European CUP and teaching clinics on my down time in-between weekend events and my training. After winning the European CUP last year I am very excited to be back to defend my title and experience more awesome places, people and times around Europe. After finishing my most recent competition in Finland, I had 2 weeks free before the next stop of the European CUP and it worked out perfect for me when I got an invite from Wolfgang Ortfried Leeb to attend the Scalaria RedBull Airchallenge in Austria!

Zane Austria - Red Bull AirchallengeZane Austria - Red Bull

I’ve been almost everywhere around the world but I haven’t ever been to Austria so I was stoked it worked out with my crazy schedule.  The event is called the Scalaria RedBull Airchallenge and it completely blew away my expectations of what it would be like! The place is epic and way more beautiful than I imagined.  The entire event we had warm, amazing weather and clear skies. The fantastic organization was world class and the show of events was spectacular. The event was like a festival with multiple events within the event, including mind blowing helicopter stunts, airplane aerial exhibits, SwoopStyle, epic boat stunts, SUP Racing and SUP Polo. There was never a dull moment and the action was always on, not to mention an outstanding venue on Wolfgangsee lake in front of the beautiful Scalaria hotel.  It was straight out of a James Bond movie with innovative and amazing toys like Maserati cars and sea planes, beautiful women, the world top ranked athletes, and a jaw dropping setting of the lake and mountains.  Red Bull originated in this area, and they own more planes and cars then the Austrian Military, so there was a great show of planes and such, and in Austria it was all about the big show!

Zane - MaseratiZane Airchallenge

The Stand Up Paddle race part of the event went really well and I think the crowd and other athletes from the other events really enjoyed watching the action on the water. We had a great course set up by Wolfgang that consisted of three 700 meter laps just in front of the Scalaria Hotel and Event site with up to 10,000 spectators cheering us on, and also about 20 cameras on us at all time with the RedBull Media House. Red Bull does everything BIG!  It was awesome to be able to win the SUP events here in Austria and even more epic to be apart of this event, and meet all the spectacular athletes that were here for it! I even got to hang out with Felix Baumgartner the world record holder for the highest jump from outside the Stratosphere. He was also the first human to hit super sonic speeds. One of the prizes I won was a tour on a first class seaplane over Austria with one of the worlds best Seaplane pilots.  I have been in a million planes, been in helicopters, but never a SeaPlane and it was awesome.

Starboard AirchallengeZane wins Austria

At the end of the events some of the VIP athletes and as well some world famous celebrities such as Felix Baumgartner, Patricia Kaiser and more were hosted at a 5 star closing ceremony at the Scalaria hotel. When I say 5 star I don’t think it could get much better than what it was, with unreal catered food, firework shows in the evening, areal stunt shows, choreographed dances, Maserati Cars and Multi million dollar boats and planes all on display and off course epic live music by “The Wright Thing” all at the Scalaria hotel!!


Thanks again to Red Bull, Wolfgang Leeb, the incredible athletes, the beautiful Scalaria hotel, and people of Austria for making this event another great experience.  I will be back for sure next year.  And a big Mahalo to all my awesome sponsors for always making my travels exciting and memorable I couldn’t do it without the support from   Starboard, Vitargo, Maui Jim Sunglasses,  Cobian sandals, Honolua Surf Co. and FCS fins.  Proud I made it on the podium again for you guys!

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