Zane Schweitzer Wins 1st in Oregon!

Pistol River Standup Showdown

Congratulations to Zane Schweitzer for winning the Pistol River Standup Showdown in Oregon, Zane not only won 1st place in the surf event, but took 4th in the long distance race! Zane tells us in his own words how it all went down out there on in the Pacific Northwest…

“It is always good to be in Oregon! I have been coming here for years now and there is always good waves in the morning and wind in the afternoon. I came here for three events. The Rogue River Race, the Stand Up Showdown and the American Windsurfing Tour all back to back..

This year for the Stand Up Showdown SUP Surf event we were blessed with some of the best surf I’ve seen on the West Coast. We had head high to over head high sets with long rip-able rights of the sandbar point all day. We all had good wave to choose from, with top to bottom long racing rights and a lot fun sections to hit all the way to the beach.. The competition showcased some great surfing and we were able to get a lot of time on the water with man on man heats throughout the competition. The water on the Oregon Coast is cold but the sun was with us and the coast line is beautiful and filled with great waves. We even had the occasional seals surfing with us, but we didn’t mind that as long as we didn’t see any sharks! This is my third year competing here and this year by far had the best surf. After finishing second to Kai Lenny last year I was happy to show up this year and win! California ripper Daniel Hughes finished second showing off his aerial skills and wave riding as well. I am stoked to be coming home with $700 cash from the Stand Up Showdown Victory and looking forward to competing in the American Windsurfing Tour at Pistol River from the 15th to 18th! For all the SUP wave riders out there, this is an event you have to put on your calendar for next year! The event is organized great, the accommodations at the Ted Eady’s Beachcomber Inn are awesome, and the surf is a blast. Just remember to bring your wetsuit!

We also had a challenging SUP race 3 miles up Rogue River and then 3 miles back down.. As you can imagine the easy part was on the way down, the top competitor finished in about 1:20 minutes of which about an hour of the race was spent paddling up river 3 miles against the current to the rounding buoy! This was my first River Race and I was doing great in the beginning until I broke half of my blade on a rock in a foot deep shallow section on the first mile of the race. I then lost my ground from there since I was paddling with less then a half a blade but still wanted to finish and continued the race with half a paddle! It was a gnarly paddle up river but it was a great feeling to round that buoy and ride the current down to the finish on the river mouth on the beach! I ended up in 4th place and had a great experience with a lot more exercise than I had hoped for!”

Aloha and Mahalos,


credit to Photographer : Kevin Pritchard

credit to Photographer : Kevin Pritchard

credit to Photographer : Kevin Pritchard