Zane Schweitzer Takes 1st in Surf at Punta Sayulita

The 3rd Annual Punta Sayulita Classic was held this past weekend in beautiful Sayulita, Mexico. I just got back from the event and had the time of my life! This is my second year there and it just keeps getting better.
If you haven’t heard about Sayulita then you need to check into it, because it is an epic destination location with a beautiful beach, and sunny weather just Southwest of Mexico’s famous Puerta Vallarta. Unlike the crazy hustle of the city, this a laid back surf town.

The Punta Sayulita Classic is for sure one of my favorite competitions I have gone to. This year’s field of competitors was stacked with some of the top surfers and paddlers in the world and I was surprised at how many spectators showed up on the beach every day! The action on the water did not disappoint the thousands of spectators watching on. The organizers know how to throw a great event. They incorporate all aspects of competition from Sup sprint racing, to SUP distance racing, surfing, and long boarding. And since it’s held during Spring Break they always have some amazing events going on at night like their awesome concerts. We were all blown away by the beachfront reggae concert by recording star, Paton Banton & The Now Generation that had the entire beach feeling the good vibes. I even got to go on stage and do a shout out to Hawaii and dance with the band!

The competition had beach breaks ranging in size from ankle snappers to over headers. I was standup surfing with some of the best girls and guys. There were longboarders, surfers, SUP racers, and the local talent is amazing too!
Thanks to all of the sponsors and people involved in putting on this great event. It was so organized for all of us competitors and everyone in Sayulita made us feel welcome and the spectators really got into the competition; cheering on the athletes. Each day we had several different sporting events to do. With world class athletes in Long board surfing, stand up paddle surfing, Stand up Elite course racing and Distance racing we were all able to stay busy and have a bunch of fun too! I was really stoked to win all of my heats in the surfing competition. My 7’7″ Starboard pro model worked incredible in all the conditions and I was able to finish 1st Place in the SUP wave event. My friend Kai Lenny took second, and local stand outs Ryan Helm and Tigre Cadena scored a third place and fourth place beating out many of the top ranked pros. My Starboard team mate and good friend Connor Baxter won both of the Racing events, proving that he has the speed to beat anyone every time he races. In the Elite race Connor finished 1st, Kai Lenny 2nd, Ryan Helm 3rd and I got 4th place riding the newest 12″6 Starboard surf race board. In the long distance race Connor won again! I didn’t compete because the surfing event was right after so it was exciting being on the beach cheering him on instead of being behind him in the race… On the girls side Candace Applebee swept the SUP racing and surfing event and was challenged by Hawaiian standout Vanina Walsh, and many other great girls in the surf. The talent at this event was on fire.
You know this is a great event when all the top athletes that have participated in the event the last three years, keep showing up. There has never been prize money in this event, it is an ocean sports celebration and a fundraiser for the local kids. Each year the athletes put on a free kids clinic and we got a bunch of kids stoked on surfing and stand up paddle surfing! It is really cool to be a part of it and see the kids excitement! The athletes show up to have a great time competing, to have a great time in Mexico with their friends and family, and to score some surf and delicious food.
Mexico is affordable too! The tourism industry has been hit because of the bad press in the media the last few years, but Punta Sayulita is a safe, upscale, small beach community with beautiful weather, friendly locals, and un-crowded surf breaks. It is probably one the most affordable places I’ve visited. The town has so much to offer, the people have aloha and the waves are a lot of fun, with something for everyone. So thanks to everyone that made this event possible! I know I will be back next year with my family!
Muchas Gracias and Aloha; Zane Schweitzer
Competition Results
(1) Zane Schweitzer (HAW)
(2) Kai Lenny (HAW)
(3) Ryan Helm (MEX)
(4) Tigre Cadena (MEX)
(1) Candice Appleby (USA)
(2) Vanina Walsh (HAW)
(3) Jen Lee (HAW)
(4) Jenny Kalmbach (HAW)
(1) Darren Eudaly (USA)
(2) Sergio Gonzalez (MEX)
(3) Patricio Gonzalez (MEX)
(4) Trae Candy (USA)
(1) Karina Rozunko (USA)
(2) Mary Osborne (USA)
(3) Jen Lee (HAW)
(4) Candice Appleby (USA)
*1 CONNOR BAXTER 41 min. 58 sec.
*2 KAI LENNY 42 min. 03 sec.
*3 RYAN HELM 42min. 48 sec.
4 ZANE SCHWEITZER 43 min. 03 sec.
5 FERNANDO STALLA 44 min. 23 sec.
6 MATT BECKER 44 min. 28 sec.
7 AARON NAPOLEON 45 min. 06 sec.
8 BRENNAN ROSE 45 min. 37 sec.
9 HECTOR GONZALEZ 46 min. 09 sec.
10 RIGGS NAPOLEON 46 min. 21 sec.
11 FELIPE RODRIGUEZ 46 min. 58 sec.
12 ANTHONY VELA 49 min. 38 sec.
13 ALFRED VAN GIESEL 50 min. 46 sec.
14 JIM TERREL 51 min. 24 sec.
15 ADAM FINER 53 min. 35 sec.
16 GERRY LOPEZ 54 min. 13 sec.
17 DIEGO MARTINEZ 55 min. 03 sec.
18 STEVEN WINIARSKI 55 min. 29 sec.
19 KEVIN ROBERTS 59 min. 41sec.
20 JONATHAN HOLLIES 1 hr. 02 min. 43 sec.
*1 CANDICE APPLEBY 48 min. 28 sec.
*2 JENNY KALMBACH 50 min. 07 sec.
*3 TALIA GIANGINI 50 min. 08 sec.
*1 CONNOR BAXTER 1 hr. 14 min. 42 sec.
*2 RYAN HELM 1 hr. 16 min. 32 sec.
*3 KAI LENNY 1 hr. 17 min. 07 sec.
4 FELIPE RODRIGUEZ 1 hr. 18 min. 39 sec.
5 ANTONHY VELA 1 hr. 15 min. 27 sec.
6 JIM TERREL 1 hr. 16 min. 54 sec.
*1 JENNY KALMBACH 1 hr. 24 min. 19 sec.
*2 BRITT OLIPHANT 1 hr. 40 min. 26 sec.
*3 SOFIA DE WOLF 1 hr. 43 min. 40 sec.
*1 ADAM FINER 19 min. 37 sec.
*2 DAVID ANDRADE 21 min. 05 sec.
*3 CHUCK PATTERSON (with a kid on his board) 22 min. 06 sec.
*1 VERONICA NAVA 23 min. 17sec.
*2 ALEJANDRA FERRIS 26 min. 26 sec.
*3 MARTHA DIAZ 29 min. 47 sec