18 Years old

Currently live in Sunshine Coast, Australia but I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and spent 4 years in Wellington, New Zealand

SUPing Since:
May 2011

Starboard Since:
Early 2012

Favorite discipline:
Racing - I love sprint racing and marathon. I really enjoy the SUP Surfing as well but am more competitive in racing

I have used the High Aspect Medium for the last 2 years but have now moved onto the new Bolt (also Medium size)

Sprint 14 x 23, All Star 12'6 x 25, Ace 14 x 25 and 7'4 x 25.5

Favorite SUP Spot:
Hawaii YEWWW

Other Sponsors:
VMG Blades, Chad Islip (Personal Training), Zazik Clothing

Best Result:
1st Place in The Fastest Paddler on Earth event in Germany (2015)

What music do you like:
All types but probably mostly pop I guess.

What do you do when not SUPing:
Think about Supping and Homework (finishing grade 12)

Favorite Food:
Cinnamon Rolls

Names of your Top 3 Personal Supporters:
Mum (Di), Dad (Dave)

Event Winnings 2015:
Lost Mills Fastest Paddler on Earth (1st Place)
Harrys Paddle (1st Place)
SUPFEST Australian Sprint Titles:
- 1st place 5000m
- 1st place 1000m
- 1st place 200m

Events Planned 2016:
Having a look to head over for:
- 6 week Eurotour (including St Maxine, Lost Mills, Bilbao and possibly others)
- Carolina Cup
- The Gorge Paddle
- Maybe Japan Cup & Pacific Games
- Other world series events