Maui, Hawaii

SUPing Since: 

Starboard Since:

Favorite discipline: 
Every day is different and Mother nature usually determines my discipline for me.
But if I had to just do one, it would be SUPPING.

enduro, carbon BX

8.5 pro(my fav.)
10.0 Nose-rider (longest nose rides ever).
14.8" SPORT TECH(race)
10.5 “Drive “TERJE HAAKONSEN” 10. Super (windsurfer/sup board)

Favorite SUP Spot:
Drain pipes, west side, Maui Hawaii(nose rider paradise)
Lanes or Hookipa. north shore, Maui Hawaii
-Lanes is an epic Left with and hairy drop and fat shoulder.
-Hookipa is a point break with a fast right, depending on the swell directions.

Why did you choose Starboard:
Industry leaders and innovators.

Starboard has good people & products, they go to amazing places as well as encourage good vibes along the way.

Starboard represents an image of health, fun, laughter and good sportsmanship.

SB Rocks..... And is the only way to ride....

Other Sponsors:
Maui Catering Services & Hang Ten Wedding
Athlete page coming soon!
Starboard site(
Dakine site(
Pakaloha site(

Best Result:
Olukai Sup Race, 3rd, place, women's

What music do you like:
A like a little bit of everything but my all time fav is 80's and Duff duff(tech)..  I love to dance!!

What do you do when not SUPing:
-Mt. Biking or Cycling 
-Culinary(Maui Catering Services & Hang Ten weddings) 
-Extreme Off Road Racing
-Living Aloha..

Favorite Food:
Alaskan King Crab with lemon infused dawn butter.
2015 top recipe for Wild Caught steel head Salmon:
Passion Fruit & Peach Seared Salmon, baked to perfection and top with fennel sprigs and Myers Lemon oil. Simple and bursting with flavor. "Oh so Ono"

Names of your Top 3 Personal Supporters:
Family:(Mom(Luann Ward) & Dad(George Ward)
Friends:(BFF( Ann Maire Reichman & Paul Engel(husband))
Maui:(Goddess of Maui for excepting me into her arms and sharing all her wonderful gifts(water, wind, waves and beautiful sunshine…) Truly Heaven on Earth……

Event Schedule 2015:
All Maui SUP events
Olukai Sup Race
Triple Crown