Stockton , NSW - Australia

SUPing Since:

Starboard Since:

What is your Favorite discipline?
SUP Surfing + exploring Open Ocean coastlines

What Paddle do you use?
Depends if it is flat water or surf

Why did you pick your quiver?
It allows me to enjoy a wide range of conditions with confidence.

What boards do you use?
8'2 x 32" Wide Point , 9'0 x 29" Pro, 10'5" x 30 Drive, 14 x 27” RACE, 17’4” x 28” Ace

What is your favorite SUP Spot?
Bali, Indonesia

What music do you like?
A bit of this & a bit of that , from some funky tunes to some heavy rock & if Scotty gives me waterproof headphones stupid enough to crank AC/DC up & try them in 6ft+ surf ...

Where can people find you on the web?

What do you do when not SUPing?
Think of ways to involve

What is your Favorite Food?
Beef rendang & Sushi

Event Schedule 2015:
Distance events as well as pushing to explore some new UNSURFED waves on SUPs here on the East Coast of Oz & being instrumental in an Australian Stand up Paddle tour calendar of events ..