Salcombe, Devon, UK

SUPing Since:

Starboard Since:

Favorite discipline:  
BOP/ technical racing, Downwinding & Surfing.

Enduro 430 & 474, High Aspect 505 and 545

Allstar 12.6 x 24'', Ace 12.6 x 24'', 7'4'' & 7'7'' Carbon Surf Pro's

Favorite SUP Spot:
We are spoilt for choice! We have many great SUP spots along our beautiful Devon coastline.

Tell us one thing no one knows about you:
As a child I was actually scarred of the water! At I6 years old my older brother persuaded me to try windsurfing, after my first lession he said I was a natural and I was immediately hooked! Thanks to him I am now much more at home in or on the water than on dry land! I went on to compete in a variety of windsurfing disciplines (slalom,one design course-racing, wave and speed-sailing) and won several UK titles along the way, before falling in love with SUP six years ago.

Other Sponsors:
Tideford Organics, Unit 6 Crossfit, Supboardermag

Best Result:
2013 SUP 11 Cities winner, 2013 Paris Crossing Winner, 2014 UK SUP Clubs National Series Champion

What do you do when not SUPing:
Working as a Physiotherapist, Windsurfing, Photography, Crossfit, Yoga & Pilates.

Favorite Food:
Seafood & 85% Organic Dark Chocolate!

Names of your Top 3 Personal Supporters:
My partner and fellow Starboard team rider Paul Simmons, Starboard UK, Waterborn SUP

Event Schedule 2015:
UK SUP Clubs Race Series
At least 2 x European SUP tour events
2015 Battle of the Paddle