Current City:
Belz Britany France

All star 12'6 x 25,5 sprint 12'6 x 24 , sprint 14' x 24, sprint 17'6 x 23 unlimited, Air born 7'10 x 30 BC

Been on Starboard team since:

What has been your best SUP trip so far?
Mekong river sup touring, maliko run Maui Down wind sup racing

What are your plans in 2014:
continue to be in the best european sup racer, Trip around the world

2014 Event Schedule:
12/01/2014 : Swell beach race # 2 Loquiriec France
23/03/2014 : Golfe Morbihan Vannes Home Race France
13/04/2014 : Rance sup race Dinan Promotion Unlimited France
27/04/2014 : Jade paddle race La plaine sur mer Local France
10/05/2014 : Out door mix Festival Embrun France
07/06/2014 : SUWS Challenger Series Bilbao Spain
14/06/2014 : SUWS Challenger Series Oleron Island France
20/06/2014 : Payette River Games Idaho U.S.A.
28/06/2014 : Stand Up World Series #4 Hamburg Germany
??/11/2014 : French Championship France
01/11/2014 : SUWS Challenger Series La Torche France
06/12/2014 : Nautic SUP Paris Crossing Paris France

What paddling related accomplishments are you most proud of?
I am one of the best euopean paddler since I started Sup in 2010 and I was First European in the Bilbao world series 2013

Why did you pick your quiver:
I have chosen this quiver for the fastest boards in different water level (flat, ocean, down wind) and Sup Surf board to progress in agility.

What do you do when you're not paddling:
I do other sports to have a good physical condition, and also the active recovery. And if I don't do sports, I listen music or the radio while tinkering.

Why did you choose Starboard:
Because it's the brand that invests more in R & D so that designs the fastest boards.

Tell us one thing no one knows about you:
One of my first sports was dancing when I was very young!

Where can people find you on the web?
My Facebook profile

Who are your other sponsors?
Mystic, Jeewin

What are your accomplishments in SUP to Date:
I actively participated in development and promoting Sup from the beginning, I was the first to participate in the Battle of paddle in inflatable board. The Sup has allowed me to discover new people and live wonderful experiences in beautiful and amazing places.