Maui Hawaii

SUPing Since:
13 years old

Starboard Since:
5 years old

Favorite discipline:
SUP waves

medium enduro

12'6 Allstar, 7'1 by 24 pro

Favorite SUP Spot:

Other Sponsors:
Dakine, Maui Jim, Rainbow Sandals, Futures Fins, Virus Sportswear, GoPro, OnIt Pro, Waterman’s Sunscreen, Garmin, Igloo Coolers, Hammer Nutrition

Best Result:
1st Place BOP, 1st Place Molokai-2-Oahu, Fastest Paddler 2013, Over 70 1st place finishes in SUP.

What music do you like:
I like all kinds of music.

What do you do when not SUPing:
I go windsurf, surf or mountain bike riding.

Favorite Food:

Names of your Top 3 Personal Supporters:
Mom - Dad - Sister
Karen - Keith - Ashley

Event Schedule 2016:
The Ultimate Waterman Event - New Zealand – March 12th – 20th

Red Bull Heavy Water, San Francisco: holding period March 20th - April 17th

Carolina Cup – Wrightsville Beach, NC – April 23rd

WORLD SERIES JAPAN (May 13th – 15th)

WEEK 3 (May 21st): The SUP Race Cup
St. Maxime, France // €5,000

WEEK 4 (May 28th): The Lost Mills
Brombachsee, Germany // €8,000

WEEK 5 (June 4th): Iberdrola Bilbao World SUP Challenge
Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain // €10,000

WEEK 6 (June 11th): San Sebastian Paddle Tour
San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain // €5,000

WEEK 7 (June 18th): SUPer Challenge Porec
Poreč, Croatia // €5,000

Maui-2-Molokai – July 16th

Maliko-2-Kahului – July 23rd

M2O – July 31st

Naish Columbia Gorge – Hood River – August 20th – 21st**

WORLD SERIES – Toronto, Canada: August 26th - 28th**

WORLD SERIES - Hamburg, Germany: 16th - 18th September

PPG – Doheny Beach – October 1st – 2nd**

WORLD SERIES California (30th Sept - 2nd October)**
TOUR GRAND SLAM – S. California – September 22nd – October 9th

WORLD SERIES - Finals at Turtle Bay – October 14th – 16th**