SUPing Since:      
At least 6 years now

Favorite discipline:
Wave and down wind

Carbon in all different sizes

All carbon 9'5" X 32" Widepoint, 10'5" X 30" Drive, 11'2" X 30 Blend, 8'10" Widepoint.

Favorite SUP Spot:  
Canaries and Maui ,
cabo verde and the Siam Park "

Why did you pick your quiver:
To be able to be out there as often as possible

Other Sponsors:
Red Bull , Camp David , Severne ,, Go Pro, Siam Park, Phiten

Best Result:  
Check them out here

What music do you like:
Metalica , AC DC , Santana , Limpinpark

What do you do when not SUPing:
Bike, spend time with my family and my wife Maria and our 4 kids.

Favorite Food:
T-bone steak, Sushi, Fish

Event Schedule 2015:  
Speed windsurfing , , LONG DISTANG races
Lanclin in jan . st . Barth in feb defi in mai + rec windsurfing and
reaching 100 kmh .