Current city:
Plougonvelin, Brittany, France

7.4 pro Model / 12.6 x 24 All Star / 9.1 Mat Moir pro model

Been on Starboard team since:

What has been your best SUP trip so far?

What paddling related accomplishments are you most proud of?
The civic mission in Madagascar with surf4smile organization.

Why did you pick your quiver:
Because boards are adapted to my level and my weight.

What do you do when you’re not paddling:
Studying, skateboarding, fishing... just depend of the day and the motivation ! but I try to be in the water one time everyday !

Why did you choose Starboard:
They choose me ! and I said yes just because they have the best team, taking care of each other, and because the products are just awesome.

Tell us one thing no one knows about you:
I'm in love with French Bagets...

Where can people find you on the web?

-Instagram : benoit_carpentier

-Facebook : Benoit Carpentier

Who are your other sponsors?
-Swell Addiction

-Rail Saver pro

-Maritime Kuhn

-Rip Curl Brest

and I'm proud to be Surf4smile organization ambassador :

What are the top 3 songs on your personal music device?
-Sam Paganini - Rave

-Graveyard - The Siren

-Pupajim - Brest Bay

What are your accomplishments in SUP to Date (starting with 2015):
-Ranked 9th in the world on the Stand Up World Tour in 2015

-European junior Champion in 2014 in SUP and longboard

-SUWT Rookie of the year in 2012

-1 european on the world ranking since 2012

What is your schedule for 2016?
For 2016 I will be following the Stand Up World Tour and I will go back to Madagascar to help the little surfing community I met in 2015 !