40 years

California, Monterey

SUPing Since:

Starboard Since:

Favorite discipline:

enduro, blade Xtra small

Pro Surf models:
7'7" by 27, 8'0" by 28", 9'0 x 29

Teaching :
Whoper: 10'0"x 34"  Hero" 9'0" x 33"

Favorite SUP Spot:
Uncrowded secret beaches in California

Other Sponsors:
Roxy, Hot Sails Maui, DaKine, Dopper

Best Result:
1st place SUP 11-City Tour 2011, M2O 5th place women 2012

What music do you like:
classical music, dancy type music "Duff duff" and everything in between - mood depending

What do you do when not SUPing:
I surf, windsurf, paint, teach, shape and "live my dream"

Favorite Food:
Love home cooking (and add good nutricions to my active body and mind)

Names of your Top 3 Personal Supporters:
My personal supporters:
- My mum Toos
- My dad Frans
- My fiancee soon to be hubby Eric Totah
adding number 4:
- My brother Ed and a special group of friends.

Event Schedule 2016:
Competing was the main focus of my ocean life, now passing on the sport to others and inspiring a healthy happy lifestyle is my main focus through SUP clinics, private lessons and SUP yoga and SUP tours in Holland, California and Maui. I always like to inspire others by 'living my dream' whether it is competitions, free sessions in the ocean or other creative outlets like art and event organizing. I also like to share my mind set to "dream of life and to live your dream" and "never give up" when the going gets tough - explore new opportunities within when older ones are moving to the background. I will be competing in SUP events along the Californian coast, but these dates are not set as yet. Stay tuned via my website: