Updated: A World Record Paddle on Mekong River? … SUP Solo Descent of the Mekong River

UPDATE: Patrick Gasiglia (Phuket, Thailand) completed his stand up paddle of 1000km down the mighty Mekong River in just 16 days!! This is the first excursion for the new 2013 Starboard Hybrid. Please find more information and a lot more images on Patrick’s journey here: http://supmekong1000.wordpress.com/.

Also, you can find a follow up article in the Phuket News: http://www.thephuketnews.com/phuketian-completes-1000-km-trip-down-the-mekong-river-33774.php

Congratulations Patrick, this should be one for the Guiness World Record Book!!!

Patrick Gasiglia who resides in Phuket, Thailand has started his solo descent of the Mekong River, which hugs Thailand’s northeastern border with Laos and he will paddle 1000km on the new Starboard Hybrid Stand Up Paddle Board (more info below on the Hybrid). Patrick has been training for this adventure for well over a year and the completion of the Hybrid Board came just days before he was expected to depart. This made it difficult to fully prepare as he was not able to test the board under actual conditions such as all the added weight he will pile onto the board in the way of gear and supplies, water and food.

This journey is going to be a test of patience, drive and the ability to maneuver the Hybrid SUP Board down the mighty Mekong River. The river is known to have sucked cargo boats into its powerful whirlpools and to break them in half like a small stick. Also, Patrick will need to direct his board around the massive boulders that sit just beneath the water’s surface.

The new Starboard Hybrid was designed specifically for Patrick’s journey and will be a great testimonial for anyone wanting a board that you can either stand up and paddle or if need be, you can sit down and paddle like a kayak. Now adventurer’s will have a multi-purpose board for all conditions and for all types of paddling preferences.

Specifications of the New Starboard Hybrid:

The board is made from solid roto-moulded plastic increasing durability, which will be much needed along the Mekong River. Additionally, the Hybrid comes with a dual retractable fin system which allows for safety and durability when riders find themselves going through very shallow, rocky areas.

Stability / Maneuverability
Another important feature that the SUP Hybrid offers is deep foot grooves which provides extra stability and maneuverability as Patrick or any rider will be able to stand up or sit at water level.

Starboard has added a 10 inch elevated center section between the foot pads and now when paddlers need to rest or conditions warrant Patrick to sit down and paddle like a kayak, the option is available.

The new Hybrid weighing in around 25kg is not the lightest SUP in the extensive range of boards that Starboard produces, however the careful attention to details and special features of the Hybrid are well worth the extra kilograms. Starboard took into account the extra gear that adventurer’s need for a journey like Patrick’s and added and additional feature, roller wheels, for use of carrying/moving the board.

Despite many challenges facing him, including a daily paddling session of 10 hrs, Patrick is excited for his journey, we at Starboard are exciting for him and we await the feedback on how the Hybrid out maneuvered the demanding conditions of the Mekong River.

You can follow Patrick’s journey as he blogs and posts pictures throughout…