Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer Wins Adriatic Crown Italy

Congratulations to Zane Schweitzer for another victory on the European Cup Tour! Zane has outright won the European Championship!! Another shootout to Leonard Nika who cam e in second overall and to Roman Frejo in 3rd, all on Starboards! Zane provides us with another great write up and some awesome pictures here:

This weekend I traveled to Marotta Italy to compete in the Adriatic Crown SUP Race! Straight from the airport I knew it was going to be a good trip when I got picked up by Filippo and Thomas with a warm welcoming and good vibes! We drove to one of the biggest local surf shops and dropped my board off and met Roberto, one of the organizers of the event and the man who invited me to come out to the Adriatic Crown! Everyone involved was super cool and it was really fun to hang out with everyone coming into the event, eating good Italian food, drinking nice wine and meeting new friends!

The event was so well put-together and organized, with live music, food for the athletes, and activities on the beach aside from the main competitions! The first day was the 16km distance race up and down along the warm and beautiful coastline of Marotta, with a good variety of conditions; downwind glides, technicals buoy turning, and upwind grinds! I was in the lead comfortably the whole race and I had a bit if an advantage with glides since I know down winding and bump riding a bit more that the European crowd at the event, although Leonard Nikka, Romain and a few of the other racers were not too far behind me with a great finish as well! The last leg to the finish was about a 4km upwind and straight through against bumps and chops and was grind of a paddle! Great training and tough paddling! I finished 1st and was stoked on another great result for my Euro tour but I also feel that after every race I am learning so much and getting better and a smarter racer., I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to be here in Europe competing every weekend on this European tour! Tge energy in Europe is great and everyone is so excited about Standup paddling. The sport is really growing huge everywhere! But in Italy There was also some awesome youth talent here as well with quite a few youngs boys and girls 10yrs old and up that were paddling great and even finished the tough distance course!

We had a awesome night with everybody celebrating the first successful day of the event and enjoying awesome food by the competition chefs while listening to good music and talking story with the Morotta family and Windsurfing Marotta Club! Everyone here were super cool and excited to have athletes from all around the world in their hometown to compete in the Adriatic Crown. We all felt great energy the entire trip and so much Aloha from the locals!

The next and final day was the 7km course race! Leonard Nikka and I lead the pack in the start of the race then broke away from the rest of the pack pushing each other forward! It’s great to have good friends and competition on tour to push eachother and have fun! Leonard has been paddling great and is one of the top paddlers Europe and for sure the best in Italy!

Never underestimate anybody in races because you never know who will have that extra edge! I was stoked to finish again in first and have the top 3 or 4 people all on Starboard!

I was also stoked to be able to have a Zane Schweitzer Paddle clinic and share some pro paddle tips and techniques with the locals and some of the pros! It was really fun to meet all the paddlers from here and train with some awesome racers from Italy. If you get the chance, be sure and make it to the Adriatric Crown Sup race next year. And follow my travels on Facebook at my Zane Kekoa Schweitzer Athlete page.

Aloha and Mahalo!

Zane Schweitzer

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