Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer is 2015 ‘Master of the Ocean’

Congratulations to Starboard Team Rider Zane Schweitzer for his 2nd consecutive “Master of the Ocean” Title! Zane took on the SUP, Surf, Windsurf and Kite surfing events against some of the top waterman from around the world, including his teammate Female rider, Fiona Wylde, who came in 3rd overall for the event.

Zane provides a full recap below… We look forward to the next competition where we will see Zane and Fiona in Brazil for the 2nd stop of the Stand up World Tour.

Zane’s recap here:

The Master Of The Ocean or MOTO is a prestigious multi-sport competition consisting of all the world’s greatest wave riding vehicles; Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. The champion of this competition earns the deserved title of the “Master Of The Ocean” and to get in the running and enter this event you need to be able to perform in each sport. The committee crowns the Master Of The Ocean by tallying up the results from each of the 4 sport divisions, so it truly is the world’s best waterman event that has stayed true to the roots of surfing. There is also a team division where you can have a team of 4 people, with 1 person for each sport.

2015 was the 13th annual Master Of The Ocean competition known as MOTO is held at Encuentro Beach, in the beautiful beach town of Cabarete, Dominican Republic. This is a perfect location for an event such as this because we can see high performance of all the elements and sports with light wind and clean waves every morning for the SUPSurf and Surf divisions, then in the afternoon the wind turns on and the wind sports come into play, the windsurfing and kitesurfing is all judged on the athletes wave riding, similar to that of surfing and supsurfing!
So stoked to have made it back to Cabarete for this year’s Master Of The Ocean waterman event! To me this is probably my all time favorite event because it encompasses the talent on the water of every wave riding vehicle; Surfing, SUPSurfing, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. This event is the future as I see it for a new breed of professional athletes, more so lately we are seeing so many athletes that are proving to be true watermen, the athletes that are good in much more than just one watersport.. But to be a true waterman you know that no matter what the conditions are, you will always have something to do, there’s a right time for everything..

Last year I won the event so coming into it this year I had some pressure to defend my title. Luckily I have been getting a lot of training in since last year’s event and feel strong and healthy. I was most nervous about the kitesurfing division since this is the sport out of the 4 that I get the least practice in, sometimes as little as a few days a year… I made sure to spend full days on the water kiting before this event started so I could boost up my confidence coming into this event with some of the world’s best kite surfers I have ever seen!

Every day of the MOTO is the most ideal day for me! Practicing the four sports I am passionate about and in love with, and being at the beach all day with great energy, amazing athletes and good friends! We had some awesome conditions this year – with great waves every morning from chest to head high and wind that picked up every afternoon good for kitesurfing and windsurfing!

I had a blast from the start to the finish of this event and had great results in the most disciplines. What’s so cool about this event is that we all were being pushed in our strong suits and weak suits, truly shaping us to be the best watermen we can be. For the athletes and community involved everyone gets excited to open their mind to all the elements and opportunities with each sport, everyone learns so much from each other every day! I won 1st place in the SUPSURF division, 1st place in the Surf division, 3rd place in the Windsurf, and 11th in kitesurfing which sat me in a great position to be crowned the Master Of The Ocean 2015! Samuel Perez Hults won the Windsurfing and Kiteboarding division, but finished 9th in the sup and surfing division, so he finished 2nd overall. Fiona Wilde was crowned the Master of the Ocean Women’s champion, and she blew everyone away! She is an amazing talent and WaterWoman!!! I am so glad to have her on our Starboard team this year!

Everyday after the competition ended we would have so many things to check out and beautiful places to see. The MOTO team gave us an awesome experience and trip in the Caribbean and we all made friends and became better athletes at the end of the trip. Mahalo Nui Loa to the Master Of The Ocean family for all the good times and amazing experiences, also big mahalo to Delta Airlines for all the support to get the top athletes to and from the event safely, and the community of Cabarete for showing us all so much Aloha and sharing with us what the Cabarete beach culture is all about. I had a great time and experience, and can’t wait for next year!


“So stoked to have made it back to #DominicanRepublic again for #Cabarete 13th annual #masteroftheocean #BeachCultureWorldTour ! I came out here knowing it would be a awesome way to start the year, defending my title and hanging out with great friends and amazing #watermen and #athletes pushing each other and our skills in the ocean and on the beach in one of the best places in the world to practice these 4 #watersports!!! #surf #windsurf #Kitesurf #supsurf So stoked to win the @masteroftheocean overall title again this year and be awarded with the #BeachCultureWorldTour #WorldCup Title!!!! Everyday at this event I learned so much about my strong suits and weak suits in the water, leaned especially a lot with my kiting abilities! #grateful #InnovateAndInspire #mauiboyz #inzane #mahalokeakua @starboardsup @honolua_surfco @officialmauijim @vitargo @cobianfootwear @fcssup huge congrats to all the athletes here who finished this lengthly and high stamina demanding event! You guys are all inspiring! Mahalo for the shots @tonyrobertsphoto !!!”




“The perfect action day in my eyes is practicing 4 sports I am passionate about!! @masteroftheocean is my all time favorite event because it encompasses 4 different water sports, and they’re all different wave riding vehicles!!! #InnovateAndInspire #Repost @thekellerwhale with @repostapp.
@zaniac1 shaking things loose this morning in the final heat. #masteroftheocean#sup#cabarete”

“Such an honor to be crowned the “Master Of The Ocean” again this year! Mahalo everyone for all the support and love.. Also big congrats to all the champions and every competitor in the event! I am home bound now to Maui and leaving Dominican Republic feeling very blessed to have such great family and friends world wide, mahalo nui loa to each and every one of you! I’ve learned so much this time around at the Master Of The Ocean and am honored to be an ambassador for this amazing event for #watermen such as myself.. The concept putting all the wave riding vehicles together really opens everyone’s minds to experience what every sport has to offer and as well merges the different water sport communities, Together we are much stronger, and there is so much opportunity for success! #surf #supsurf #windsurf #kitesurf Much love, Aloha Nui!! @masteroftheocean @tonyrobertsphoto