Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer and Shane Baxter win NZ Nationals

Congratulations to Starboard Team Riders Zane Schweitzer and Shane Baxter for their outstanding performance in the New Zealand National Championships. Here is a recap from Zane on the event.

The King Of The Waves NZ Nationals

While here at the Starboard SUP Academy Piha we had the opportunity to compete in the New Zealand Nationals with NZ’s best paddlers, Connor Baxter and Sean Poynter and more. The waves and conditions were serious, something like what we had at the Turtle Bay final 2014. With solid double over head+ shore break and outside breaks it made the Surf Race Course event challenging to say the least! I opted to use the 2015 12’6″ x 24″ All Star and was happy with how it handled in the big chops, messy water and currents and impressed with it’s wave piercing and wave riding capabilities!

It was a tough and tight race through and through with positions of Top 3 (Army Armstrong, Connor and I) constantly changing positions. I ended up taking Advantage of my wave and ocean knowledge during this race and as well took the correct risks and all worked out and ended up coming out on top with the extra edge and a big lead!

I have been very impressed by the local talent here and world class level of the racers and surfers in NZ and was very happy to win the New Zealand Nationals!!


Photo credit media surfnats