UPDATED: Starboard’s Titouan Puyo wins Distance. Beau O’Brian in 2nd Overall (Beau’s Recap added).

Congratulations to Titouan Puyo from New Caledonia for winning the distance race of the Elite Men’s division of the 12 Towers Event in Australia over the weekend.

Titouan, who has only been paddling for about a year, has come out of know where to race his heart out and to find himself beating some of the best paddlers in the world. He recently won the French Championship and will now represent France at the ISA World Championships in Nicaragua.

We will definitely be seeing more of Titouan on podiums across the world.

Another stand out performance was by Australia’s own and Starboard team rider Beau O’Brian. Beau came in a very close second to Titouan in the distance and finished 3rd in the technical race, giving him a 2nd place finish in the overall event.

We look forward to this battle heating up as the year goes on!

Congratulations to all the Starboard riders and to all who participated.

Here is Beau O’Brian’s recap on the weekend:

Day 1 – Distance
The distance race was held on the first day, with a line up of 74 people and quite an elite field it was going to be a tough race. With a East South East wind off the start I decided to paddle slightly off the coast line. Thinking I was leading the race I thought I was in a good position, it wasn’t till half way where I actually saw Titouan out in front of me by about 200 m. I then started to get into gear, before I knew it I caught up and over took my fellow Starboard rider. Coming into the final buoy turn I thought I had the race wrapped up, then I had no luck with the waves and Titouan fought one from the can which he surfed straight past me for the win. It ended up being a tight race between myself and Titouan with the rest of the field coming in a bit behind us.

Day 2 – The BOP Surf Tech Race.
It was quite a messy start to the day with dumping sets rolling through. As the race started the normal group of paddlers from the Gold Coast had a great start, as well as the non local Starboard riders Trevor Tunnington and Titouan Puyo. As the 5 lap race went on the 4 standout paddlers were Jake Jensen, Kelly Margett, Beau O’Brian and Trevor Tunnington. With Jake getting a couple of good runs out on the 4th lap it left myself and Kelly fighting it out for second. Being a tight finish for second Kelly Margett just getting the final wave away from putting myself in 3rd place.
Over the 2 days it came down to points to see who was the 12 towers winner for 2014.
With only 1/2 a point between myself and Jake Jensen overall I was happy to take 2nd place. I am happy to compete in such a great event and was pumped with my very consistent results.

You can find full results, and a final recap here:

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