Starboard’s Titouan Puyo Continues his Racing Winning Streak.

Congratulations to Titouan Puyo (1st) and Leonard Nika (2nd) for their successful finish in the long distance division of the St. Maxime Race in France over the weekend.

Coming off of a Gold Medal performance at ISA, Titouan started out the event placing second in the technical race on Saturday, just :16 sec behind Eric Terrien, then finished the event strong by winning the Long distance race on Sunday, just :8 sec ahead of Eric. Leonard Nika finished in second in the distance race.

Some words from Titouan:
“I didn’t take a good start at the technical, so I had to paddle hard to take the second place 16 seconds behind Eric Terrien. In the long distance, the wind was not there. It was a draft race and a finish with eric and leonard at the last 2km. I am happy to win today with no downwind and a hard finish. I used the Starboard Allstar 12’6 x25’5″. Thanks to the Tiki Team in France, ClĂ©ment and Pascal, who worked hard for us this week end.” ~Titouan Puyo

The overall results for the Mediterranean Cup are as follows:
1 Eric Terrien 0:33:46 1 1:45:16 3 2:19:02
2 Titouan Puyo 0:34:02 2 1:45:08 1 2:19:10
3 Leonard Nika 0:34:40 5 1:45:10 2 2:19:50

A full recap and additional pictures can be found here: < href=>

We look forward to seeing all the Starboard Team Riders in Europe this Summer starting in Bilboa, Spain, on June 7th, for the Starboard Sponsored, European Cup of the Stand UP World Series.