Starboard’s Titouan Puyo and Starboard’s Sprint Race Board Wins at Forster’s Island

ongratulations to Titouan Puyo for starting off his 2015 SUP racing season with a big win at the Forster’s Island Paddle Event in Australia over the weekend.

Titouan, riding the Starboard Race 14’x 25″, won the 10km race ahead of Paul Jackson who was on a Starboard 14′ x 25″ Sprint. This is the first event to see the Race Board on the podium.

During the ‘BOP’ style racing format, it was Jake Jensen who took 1st in front of Titouan, who was on his Starboard Allstar 12’6 x 25″.

Then came the Dash for Cash, Titouan did not compete, which left the door wide open for Paul Jackson and Angie Jackson to capture the wins, both on the Sprint 14′ x 25″.

We received a great update from regarding the board choices during this event and of particular interest was that Paul and Angie Jackson were both riding Starboard race boards… Let’s not read anything into this and it will be interesting to see what they do with the boards going forward, will they continue to race them or will they find another board brand faster? You can find more on all of Starboard’s Race boards here:

This from SUPRACER :
It was also quite interesting to note that the 2015 14’x25″ Starboard Sprint took four of the top five places in the men’s plus first place in the women’s. Even more interesting when you consider none of those five paddlers are actually sponsored by Starboard (Titou is on Team Starboard, but he didn’t race in the Dash For Cash). That means the competitors all chose the Sprint because they believed it was the fastest option available. The Starboard Sprint has always had a good design but this 2015 model really seems to be the flat water board of choice at the moment.

Titoaun completed the event by winning the inflatable division and charity race on the Starboard Astro Racer. If you haven’t checked out the new Astro racing and inflatable line, please do so here:

We look forward to seeing Titouan competing this weekend in the 12 Towers event, which should turn out to be a great event matching teammates Titouan and Beau O’Brian, with Paul Jackson and Jake Jensen for the title.

Pictures Courtesy SUPRACER and Starboard Dream Team Rider Pete Cox.

start 10984033_751753698271859_3987018589653873684_n Angie Jackson Astro Racer pete cox Tito, Paul Jackson, Jake Jensen

Pictures Courtesy SUPRACER and Starboard Dream Team Rider Pete Cox.