Starboard’s Sean Poynter Wins in Morocco

 Congratulations to Starboard’s Sean Poynter for winning his 1st ever Stand Up World Tour event in Morocco and his second consecutive event on the tour.

Sean provides us with impressions of the overall experience in Morocco below.  Congratulations again Sean!  We look forward to seeing you on tour next season.

Morocco.. what can I say about this place. It’s as magical as Aladin on his flying carpet. Seriously though, the world class point break waves, the unique culture, the welcoming people, everything about this place is Genie like. It’s awesome. This was my first time in Morocco and it certainly won’t be my last.

The event they ran here, The Mirleft StandUp Pro, Location X had to of been one of the best -if not best- events for waves that I have ever competed in. The wave in Aglou, Tifnit that we surfed for the duration of the competition was, well.. perfect. Especially for the final day. It was pristine, 6-8+ft conditions with right handers reeling on down the cost for probably a couple hundred yards, on the good ones. As a regular footer and enthusiast of epic waves, I couldn’t have been happier -even if it was a left I would have asked where was Disney. The conditions were set for an awesome competition, especially the final day.

At the start of the event the waves were nearing probably around 15ft faces on sets making it really challenging for all the competitors to make it through the constant onslaught of waves pouring through. Eventually the conditions subsided and what was left were some of the best waves we’ve ever – or at least what Zane and I claimed – seen at an event for the entire tour’s existence. Rivaling the Sapinus Pro in Tahiti back in 2011.

What began with a somewhat slow start for me in the beginning days of competition speed up when the waves got better. Allowing me to knit pick the best waves and scoring some of the highest heat totals I ever have on tour with a 19.1 total in my semis and a 18+ in the final.

Aside from winning it just felt good getting some phenomenal waves to compete on. It was a great time competing against all the guys and pushing each other one heat after another.

Thank you to the Moroccan government who backed the event, to the Moroccan organizers, and everyone involved with the Waterman League. Fantastic event. Congratulations.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 3.40.00 AM

Perfect sets aligned for the Location X in Morocco

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 3.40.18 AM

Starboard Team Riders celebrate a spectacular event in Morocco


Sean Poynter WINS at Morocco

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 3.42.46 AM

Sean Poynter cutting shapes in Morocco


Sean Poynter and Zane Schweitzer compete in the final at Morocco