Starboard’s Ryan James Wins Battle of Hamble and Gold Coast

Congratulations to Starboard’s Ryan James as he just finished first in two events, the Battle of Hamble and Gold Coast Ocean Paddle Race 4.

Ryan sent along some pictures of both events and a write up on the Hamble event here:

This was a great race organized to raise money for Cash for kids and the raised almost. £1000 on the day.

Battle of Hamble
The course ran through 5 miles of hampshires river Hamble it was a low key event on
my calendar so I went in to do some 11 cities prep in the morning with a local
surf ski club, we knocked out 18 Kim’s. so after this session I was feeling a
little fatigued.

To make matters worse, I missed the start and was a minute and half late, so the whole
field was 200 metres up the river before I started – so I had my work cut out.

I crawled through the field and by 2 miles I had reached the lead pack and sat in for
a minute or so and made a break for it
as the lead boat put up some rideable wake. I had a 100 metres on the lead pack
and maintained this for the rest of the race and finished slightly worse for
wear as I had to work at max for longer than planned and only relaxed into my stroke with about 2 km
to go.

We look forward to seeing Ryan on the podium again soon and at the BOP in September.