Starboard’s Marie Buchanan Wins 11 City Tour!

Congratulations to Starboard Team Rider Marie Buchanan from the UK for winning what is deemed as the toughest SUP racing event in the world – The 11 City Tour. Marie proved she had the stamina and drive to get out ahead of Melanie Brandstätter, not look back, and win the women’s division of the grueling 5 day long event in Holland.

Marie provided us with her own thoughts on the event and the win:
“After 220km of paddling it was an amazing feeling to take overall victory in the gruelling 11 Cities Tour. The pace was tough at many points through the event and earlier in the week warm temperatures took their toll on many of us.

I built a healthy lead on day one but my main rival Melanie Brandstatter came back and closed the gap a little on day two after I missed ringing a bell on the course (a requirement for the event). I had to turn around, go back and ring it, losing valuable time. Each day I battled really hard to stay in touch with Melanie, knowing I was in control as long as I wasn’t left behind. We had some great battles and shared daily victories. I had to work flat-out to maintain my first place overall, with the drafting tactics and concentration equally important.

Thank you to everyone who helped me and Starboard for providing super-efficient gear: the 14’ Starboard Sprint and High Aspect 500 paddle really helped propel me to victory. It’s by far the toughest race I have completed, in fact I think it’s the hardest thing I have ever done so I’m very happy to have simply finished, let alone take the win!”

We look forward to more podium shots with Marie Buchanan but for now we will enjoy this win!!