Starboard’s Connor Baxter Wins, Zane Schweitzer 3rd in Abu Dhabi

Congratulations to Connor Baxter for winning the long distance portion of the Stand UP World Tour event in Abu Dhabi. Connor fought hard to maintain his lead by out paddling Kai Lenny to the finish. This is Connor’s second straight victory following his outstanding performance in Brazil.

Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer is clearly showing he is a force to be reckoned with on the racing scene as he came in 3rd in the distance, just seconds behind Kai and in front of many of the top racers from around the world.

In the women’s division, winner of the SUP surf event, Izzi Gomez, showed off her racing skills and after her performance in the distance, she is now in the lead to win the Grand Slam at Abu Dhabi.

We congratulate all of the Starboard racers for a great showing!
Tune in for an update as we await the results of the sprint races.

( photographer : Matty Schweitzer )