Starboard’s Connor Baxter Takes 1st, Zane Schweitzer 4th in Germany!

Congratualtions to the entire Starboard Racing Team as they place 5 out of the top 10 finishes in Fehmarn, Germany over the weekend. Connor Baxter came in 2nd in the sprints on Saturday, narrowly behind Kai Lenny and then on Sunday he poured it on, winning the distance event. This giving him the overall win.

Zane Schweitzer who had already secured the European Cup Championship, finished 4th in the sprints and 3rd in the distance to end the final competition in 4th place.

Dylan Frick (7th), Leonard Nika (8th), and Roman Frejo (9th) rounded out the top 10 for Starboard.

Before the boys head home to Maui for the M2M race this weekend, Zane was able to provide a final recap from Germany here:

Fehmarn was my last big trip and contest before heading home after a long trip in Europe! I left from Barrika Surf Camp in Basque Country, Spain, and arrived to Hamburg with Florian and Carsten there waiting for me! We drive up together to Fehmarn island where we worked setting up the Starboard booth and site. This event was set up huge, and so amazingly. Live music, BMX park and expo on the beach, Slack line expo, SUP clinics, Celebrity signing and private SUP lessons, great food and beer for all the visitor and spectators and a massive event to appeal to a large number of people and create positive awareness of the sport!

The first night in Fehmarn I camped out on the beach inside the Starboard tent, it was actually surprisingly comfortable, I snagged some futon cushions and bean bags from the lounge area and it made for a comfortable sleep!! When I woke up that next morning we taught Stand up paddle clinics to the public and celebrities, then had the charity relay race! It was a blast! All the athletes starting flowing in by now and it’s always good meeting up with the crew and friends when following the tour!!

For the weekend of competition I had a nice hotel room and good company, I was excited for the sprint races the next day!
In the sprints I was feeling great! Hitting the beach in first all the way to the Final. Unfortunately for me I had a bit a bad start with a small collision with Jake Jensen, and that made me miss a few stokes throughout off my rhythm; all it takes is missing 1 stroke to lose first position in these races lately with such strong competition. I ended up finishing 4th position which I wasn’t too impressed with.. But I learned a lot and it made me hungry for the next days Distance race.

In the morning we woke up to honking 25-30knots on onshore wind and wind swell close to a meter high, making for a very challenging day of racing ahead of us on the 10km course. The event organizers made a awesome decision to take advantage of the weather and conditions and change the long distance course to somewhat of a down-winder! It started with 1km side onshore wind up the coast, then 4km downwind, followed by 2 laps of a 2km course that was half straight up wind and half downwind.. It was a tough course and race but made for a really diverse course.
With Connor in the lead by a good amount most of the race, I was just behind Kai Lenny and Jake Jensen. Close to half way through the race I passed Kai and Jake and was sure to finish in 2nd! On the last downwind leg before the sandy and deep water run through the beach
finish Jake came from behind and was battling me all the way to the first shallow sandbar, where he out ran me with his taller, long legs and fast run through the deep water, finishing with a near photo-finish m a meter in front of me through the beach run finish line.. But I was still super stoked to have gotten 3rd and beat Kai Lenny, one of my strongest competitors!

I really wanted to finish top 2 in this one and come home with another big victory but I had to settle with a 4th place overall finish!

After the races Connor and I immediately started packing up and getting ready for our flight home the next morning! Maui Bound!!!

On my route back home I had 15 hours in Bilbao to pick up my suit case and other things and squeeze in a SUP Session out at Sopelana before heading on my next flight back home!! It was actually super fun and off course it felt great to get back in the surf and ride my InZane Starboard 7’1″!

Grateful for the last 2 months of travels, it’s been amazing! Thank you to everyone who have been following me and supporting me on my journeys! Special Mahalo to everyone who I met along the way for all the help when I was lost, for accommodation when I needed a place to stay, lending me equipment and gear to race on when airlines lost mine and most importantly for all the Aloha and hospitality! I have learned so much this trip and have had some of my best results yet in my #StandUpPaddle #Racing Career, and I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s love and support!

See you in the water!

Aloha and Mahalo,
Zane Kekoa Schweitzer