Starboard riders fill the podium at Lost Mills

Congratulations to Connor Baxter for again coming out on top to win for the second week running of the Euro Tour at the Lost Mills Long Distance race in Bavaria, Germany.


The race was simply described as being brutal, paddling an 18km distance race on flat water in 30 degrees heat with little chance to break away from the crowds of paddlers.

The race was one of the most elite races held in 2o15, with most of the biggest international riders leading the way, as well as many European paddlers testing the competition.


The men’s start line was a battle to find clean water and escaping the wash and chop stirred up by the mass paddlers. Connor Baxter made his break to help lead the pack with a large train of paddlers in pursuit.


Once the finish line was finally in sight, it was a matter of digging deep for a last burst of energy to sprint to the line between the Starboard riders, with Connor Baxter crossing 1st, Titouan Puyo 2nd, Trevor Tunnington 3rd and Leonard Nika 6th, all of which were racing on the 14’0″x23″ Starboard Sprints.


In the women’s competition was just a strong with Starboard’s Fiona Wylde securing 5th place despite a limited training prior to the Euro Tour.

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Watch the action of the start line from above.