Starboard fill 6 out of 10 in Finland

Starboard riders secure 6 out of 10 positions in the Sieravuori SUP Masters race in Finland.



Congratulations to Leonard Nika for finishing 2nd and Zane Schweitzer following in 3rd position overall at the Sieravuori SUP Master in Finland, the 2nd stop of the Stand Up World Series European Cup.


Starboard’s Dylan Frick from South Africa secured 5th position, Roman Frejo Perez and Jurgi Zulaika both from Spain finished 6th, 7th, and Peter Kosinksi from Ireland in 8th position overall.


In the long distance, Zane Schweitzer finished 3rd followed by Leonard in 4th.


Leonard Nika battled it out in the sprints to hold 2nd position with Zane Schweitzer chasing his tail to secure 3rd.

Rankings overall

All riders will be preparing to battle it out in the final at the Italia Surf Expo in Italy on the 26th and 28th July to compete to be the European Champion.


Zane Schweitzer Buoy Turn Finland

Zane Schweitzers Race Recap

Finland is surreal! It was so cool to come back to this location at Sieravuori. It is such a beautiful area and we once again got amazing warm weather and great racing conditions. There are so many fun things going on at this event, especially because all of us are camping together or staying in rad little cabins together. With a skate park right in the beach, jet skis and boats for wake boarding and cruising around, paintball course, saunas and off course an awesome lake to paddle on!

The event went really well and the boys were pushing hard in both the sprint and distance races. I finished 3rd in the distance which I wasn’t expecting at all! I felt confident in 2nd on the last downwind leg, when out of the corner of my eye I see Eric Terrean on a much different line than everyone else, by the time I noticed him he was already a bit ahead of Leo and I but much further in.. He snuck up to the front of us with a risky tactic of breaking away from the train to find better water and it ended up working in his favor. All and all It was a great event and I learned a lot and was happy to make the podium!!

Leonard Nika Beach Run Finland

Leonard Nika Race Recap 

It was great event where we all were having fun before and after the race, especially because we share all activities. There is a famous saying there (what happen in Sieravouri stays in Sieravouri).  It was amazing to be fully immersed in the natural surroundings,  with the option to play paint ball, wakeboard or skate on the ramp. I had a good competition. In the long distance I pushed a little in the beginning trying to avoid the train but in the next part in the downwind penalized me a little . The course was a 10 km with many conditions challenging each rider, with downwind, totally flat, choppy up wind, side wind and in the downwind. Me and Zane were battling for 2nd and 3rd so we where really focused on paddling stroke for stroke and more or less in the end part of downwind like 50m on the right side we saw Eric sneaking in the front so a little distraction it made the difference so I finish in 4th. The next day I was feeling good and well rested for the sprints where I won all my heats especially the final one where I had a really good start but I got  stuck with Zane at the first buoy and Casper. I fell behind slightly at the buoy which meant i came in 2nd, finishing 2nd overall. I’m stoked with result in Finland and can’t wait to battle again in Rome!