Starboard Astro Touring 14’x 30” Review by the Godfather Test Center

The Team from 10 Downwinders have been extremely busy traveling around the world to find the best downwind locations in the world. Along the way they stopped to get their “Godfather Test Center” to review the Astro Touring 14’ x 30”.

They went into detail on their evaluation and You can find the entire review here:

Here is a Summary of their findings…

The Test Center concluded from the first test, the fun factor for this board rates a 10 out of 10. The first paddle in flat water and downwinding, brought smiles to each team member and comments how fun the board is to paddle. Other comments were how durable the board is leaving little or no concern for damaging it if it hits rocks/barnacle or coral. Also, the unique shapes of the nose had the team wondering at the start, but after hitting it a few times on rocks were impressed by Starboards design of it. It is made from a high-impact plastic so it eliminates any chance from damage. Great idea Starboard! The Test Center also found carrying the board was not difficult or straining and the 29 lb. weight of the board seemed more like 25 or less. The soft carrying handle was very easy on the hands.

Starting from the ease of carrying the board, the stability , wave catching ability, and portability, the Godfather wants to add this board to his quiver of Naish and SIC downwind boards. Everyone who paddled the board commented how fun it was to paddle. The paddling experience is slightly different than your standard board. The time to blow of the board was not an issue (5 minutes) but an electric pump could be handy. A longer fin is in order for the advance to elite paddlers but for most folks, it is acceptable.

Overall, the Test Center feels this board is a game changer. Our 10 Downwinder team will be taking this board off on their adventure to the top downwinding locations in the world and will provide feedback how it performs from the traveling aspects to their paddling experience. More to come.

The 10 Downwinders and the ‘Godfather” put a video review together here: