We wanted to develop the lightest shafts with the most accurate bend curves and found
pre impregnated fabrics having by far the lowest resin uptake and the most consistent curve.

• 30 grams (10%) lighter than 2015 Premium Carbon, for longer
and more efficient paddle sessions.
• Light weight 100% Carbon fiber pre-impregnated construction.

• 27 grams (10%) lighter and stronger than 2015 Premium.
• Economical and great combination when paired with Starboard’s Enduro and Bolt Tiki Tech blades.


We paddle a lot and found it fun to develop paddles shafts suiting the individual needs for our
various sized friends and team riders, to maximise their particular perfomance request.

A flexible shaft transfers energy in a more gentle way suiting long distance paddling and higher cadence.
A stiffer shaft provides a more direct transfer of energy and suits larger blades and taller riders wanting to use full lenght shafts.
When you cut a paddle shaft down to fit your size it automatically becomes stiffer, thus you may wish to choose a 42 mm shaft.

• Stiffest shaft for paddlers who prefer minimal flex.
• The 35 has the closest flex to the 2015 Premium Carbon shaft.
• Only available in Round and Oval Carbon. Shaft only, for customization.

• A stiff shaft with controlled
flex to maximize speed
and power.
• Connor Baxter’s preferred choice.
• Only available in Round and
Oval Carbon.

• A balance in performance
between stiffness and flex.
• Available in Fixed Hybrid
• Available in Carbon and
Hybrid Carbon Round

• More forgiving, suiting
long distance, all round
paddlers and most riders
under 75–80 kg.
• Available in Carbon Round,
Oval, Skinny and Kids fixed.
• Available in Skinny and Kids
Hybrid Carbon, Fixed and

• The stiffness is measured by applying 30kg in the center of the shaft, supported at 140cm distance to measure the deflection in mm.
• If the shaft bends, it shows a higher deflection resulting in more flex, compared to a stiffer shaft with low deflection.
• The 35mm has the lowest flex,42mm has the highest flex.


Have you ever felt the need for more grip going into a sprint?

• Connor Baxter’s new signature Choke Stroke with square grooved texture enhances the grip at the top of the shaft for high cadence strokes and quicker transitions from side-to-side.
• The entire shaft has a Matt Tape Finish for prime control when dry and wet.
• All Fixed shafts in Carbon and Hybrid Carbon feature the new textured finish.


We have 3 different shaft shapes available to offer maximum comfort and grip for every riding style.

• Precise and controlled grip.
• Shaped to naturally fit in hand for the most direct tracking and alignment.
• No sharp angles as with many other oval shafts.

• Available in Oval 38/42 Fixed Carbon and Oval 40 Fixed Hybrid Carbon.

•The lightest and most versatile shaft.
• Preferred for all round paddling and waves.
• Sean Poynter and Zane Schweitzer’s choice for wave riding.

• Available in Carbon and Hybrid Carbon : Fixed / 2pc adjustable / 3pc Adjustable

• Reduced Diameter Shaft [RDS] for lighter riders who require a smaller grip.
• Suited for kids, women and racers who want a shaft that feels slight in the hand.

• Available in Carbon and Hybrid Carbon: Fixed / 2pc adjustable / Fixed Kids 2 pc adjustable kids.


Precise, light and strong.

We travel the world and found it important that the adjustable paddles and 3 piece paddles have the best possible weight and flex.
As a multi piece shaft could be a bit more flexible than one piece, we offer the shafts in 40 mm deflection.
Be aware that when the paddle is extended to its max length, it will be more flexible than when it’s adjusted to it’s minimum.


Our 2 piece adjustable shafts are great for paddlers
looking for different paddle lengths or sharing the
paddle with friends and family.

*Available with Enduro Carbon, Enduro Tiki Tech,
Bolt Carbon, Bolt Tiki Tech, Tufskin and Paddle For Hope


Starboard 3 piece paddles connect using a secure spring
pin system and come with an additional Tiki Clamp to
reduce any play.

The paddle, when fully detached, measures only 85cm
and easily fits inside the Inflatable Magic bag.

Tufskin sold without inner register slot on shaft.