Sean Poynter Wins Most Committed Surfer Award

The Stand Up World Tour, on Sunset Beach, Oahu, started out slow with poor surf conditions, rainy weather, and high winds. When it finally kicked off, with just a couple days left to spare on the waiting period, Sean Poynter (CA), who narrowly missed out on a berth to the finals, came away with a strong 5th place finish and won The Most Committed surfer award. According to the judges, the award is given to the rider, who throughout the event, is able to place himself in the most committed positions on the monstrous and powerful waves. Congratulations Sean!
Before Sean jetted off to Peru, to represent the USA at the ISA World Event, we asked him to provide us with his thoughts on what it was like to prepare, wait and finally surf at the Sunset Beach Pro event. Here’s what he had to say:
“What a great way to start the Stand Up World Tour.. with waves considered to be hitting the EPIC scale for Sunset. They were rolling in at the 15-20ft range with potentially larger sets, which all were being groomed to a relatively smooth texture due to the Trade (offshore) winds. Strong trades they were though, and because of this it made staying in the right spot of the vast Sunset lineup difficult because standing there upright pretty much acted as a sail, a sail that helped to blow you out to sea. This was a helping factor in the sore arms that I now have.. well not really, but that’s the idea. EPIC conditions for Sunset means a workout. With the wind, the large surf, the 25 minute heats, nitpicking the lineup for scoring waves, to taking them on the head, it certainly tests you on all levels as an athlete. It’s this reason why Sunset is hands down one of the best events on the tour. A true deserving and knowledgeable waterman is going to walk away with the crown.”
“If you have ever competed at Sunset then you know the challenge, if you haven’t, it is, to say the least, a task! One that will most likely leave you with a new appreciation for the wave and maybe of how unconditioned your body is; kind of the case for myself at the event…heck just throwing some punches with Zane got me a little exhausted. Not having much knowledge on the wave, I was actually glad to have the event run late in the waiting period, because it gave me quite a bit of time to get some practice out there… as practice makes perfect.”
“Leading into Sunday when the main event kicked off, I was feeling good…I had practiced, conditioned my body and the board was feeling great (I ended up riding the Starboard 8’0″ Pro Carbon for the event with a little quad plus 1 set up), yup… Kelly style, 5 fin, it works, try it out! The waves were up, aloha spirit was in the air, crowd was mounting, loved it! After getting psyched at my buddy Morgan’s house, with music and visualization, I was geared to take my first round heat, and luckily enough, after a couple critical errors with failure to wave completion, I found my grove and got a few waves to take me through to round 3.”
“The next round was up (the following day) and again music was flowing through my veins, moves in the brain, new found critiques to work on in the heat and as I had hoped, another advancement.. into the quarters. This regiment went on through the quarters and into the semi’s, where, unfortunately, my run ended. I just narrowly missing out on advancement…settling for an equal 5th to kick off the year.”
“All in all the Sunset was a great event and big Congrats to Bonga Perkins who came away with the win, as it was very much deserving. And Congrats to all the other finalists!”
“Thanks a ton to Starboard and all the other remaining sponsors who made the event possible and to the Waterman League for putting on another stellar event. Thanks to all over there.” – Sean Poynter

Photos Courtesy Waterman’s League