Ryan James and Teammates Win Paddle Round the Pier

PRTP SUP slip stream 2013 – 16 Mile Team Event

Congratulations to Ryan James and his teammates for winning the PRTP SUP Slip Stream 2013,a grueling 16 mile event with some of the best racers in Great Britain paddling for the win. Ryan and the dream team managed to out pace and outlast Team Fanatic to secure the victory.

Here is the play by play from Ryan:

“So another race, another weekend with great weather and conditions for the race. Making up Team ZRE Dream Team Ollie Shilston (Surftech) Pete Holiday (BIC) and myself, Ryan James (Starboard international)

Registration all complete and in line with the team on the stoney beach on Brighton seafront with some casual tactic discussed at the start was Imminent and the horn sounded.

Pete was 1st to his feet and up paddling, followed by Ollie and with a twitchy start from me, we rounded the buoy with the team in the lead and all together in the draft. The 1st issue we had was how to get rid of the 6 other paddlers along for the ride epically team Fanatic (Mark “slasher”slater, Phil Plume, and Sonny EZ).

It was 3 miles to the 1st beach stop where we had to pick up our tags and the draft train wasn’t getting any smaller, so the tactic was to have a slick transition and get a small gap on the other teams.

Pete and myself had a slick transition and got away quickly and smoothly, but Ollie had a shocker, the good thing was that we new Ollie had some good flat speed and could catch us if we went steady after our sprint back out to the outside buoy and new team Fanatic would struggle with Ollie’s turn of pace.

So with 50 metres on Ollie and the rest we paddled into a commanding lead hoping Ollie could join us without now excess baggage. The plan worked perfectly Ollie stretched the elastic band between himself and team Fanatic and finally it snapped, leaving us with a 20 metre lead that we could hopefully build on.

Paddling into the second transition, we maintained a 30 metre lead and headed out for the second half of the 8 mile lap. Team Fanatic then started to pull back getting within 20 metres of the dream team… so we had to do some hard rotations to move away from the threat of them rejoining the draft train again.

After the completion of the 1st lap, Team ZRE monopolised on some slick transitions and also the shock to team Fanatic that they had to do a second lap

Coming into the last transition the water was getting busy, especially with muppets on jet skis doing donuts and coming straight across our path, so with tired legs, we had some falls, but luckily we only had 3km to go and managed to crawl steadily back to the finish. We proceeded to put another 7-8 minutes into our competition after 3 hours of paddling in 30 degree heat and we came away with a hard, but comfortable win against the best paddlers in GB.

Many thanks to all our sponsors for all their support.

Thanks to Adam Stirling and Tomas Janska for the awesome photos of the event.”