Paulão dos Reis Wins First Leg of Brazilian SUP Pro Curcuit.

Paulão dos Reis arrived at Brasilia on Thursday morning ready for the race on Saturday. It was clear that his focus was in winning the leg of the Brazilian National SUP Race Pro Circuit. The only things he still had to do were to trim his equipment for the flat water conditions of Lake Paranoa and to check the race course proposed by the organizers.

With no time to loose, Paulão took a Starboard Sprint 12’6″x24.5″ from Clube Katanka, the very same model he would use at the competition and went to the water in front of the club to test all possible variations on the board, fins and stance. In the end, after the tests, Paulão went to a 12 km touring in the lake on his board enjoying the attractions of Brazil’s capital.

The schedule of Friday was to rest preparing for the next day battle, but he spent a couple of hours in a boat checking all the details on the race course to define the best strategy for the race. For those who were with him in these days it was clear that he needs only to get to Saturday and his victory will come. And his dedication, tactics and equipment just were translated in his first victory in a SUP Race Pro national leg in Brazil.

Another highlight of the competition was the performance of Rafael Leão, from São Paulo. Leão (lion, in Portughese) competed on 14’0″ division. The 14’0″s started 1 minute after the 12’6″s and very soon the Leão’s Starboard Ace stood out in the group, cruising much faster than everyone. Little by little he was overtaking everybody until he reached the first racers. Rafael Leão finally overtook the current national champion Luiz “Animal” Guida and finished the race in 2nd place overall, just behind Paulão. Leão’s GPS clocked 9.3 Km/h average on the 16.5 Km of the course.

14 year old, Guilherme dos Reis, Paulo’s son was a great surprise on the race. The kid went to the race just to have fun, as his division would compete just on Sunday. Gui finished the 16.5 km in 14th place overall in the 12’6″ division using the Sprint 12’6″x24.5″ board like his father. In the next day he clearly won the official Juniors division.

The Brazilian Starboard team riders won also the Masters and Gran Masters divisions with Américo Pinheiro and Neno Matos.

The next leg of the national circuit will be held in Cabo Frio, near Rio, in June.

Paulo moments after take the lead

Paulo alone in 1st

Rafael Leão

Gui dos Reis

(Pictures credit: Ramar Costa)