Moritz Mauch Wins in Germany!

Starboard’s Moritz Mauch form Germany and known mostly for his top notch SUP surfing skills, just won his first SUP race event at the 5th German Championship.

Moritz gave us a short recap of his day here:
“After a long journey from Gran Canaria to Germany and a sleepless night, I arrived at the 5th German Championship, that took place in Cologne, last Saturday. The atmosphere was great with amazing weather, sunny and warm, 62 competitors and about 700 spectators. The competition started right away with the Sprint races (550m), where the Starboard Team had an amazing performance finishing in pretty much all finals. After a 2 hours break the Long distance Race took place(8km), I was super tired because I couldn’t sleep the night before and from the Sprint Races, but I Paddled as hard as I could and managed to get 3rd. For me it was a really successful Day and I’m super happy with the Result thanks a lot to the organization and my sponsors and can’t wait to come back next year again!!!”

Congratulations Moritz and the entire Starboard Riders for a great event!

Here are the full results of the days events:

Fun-Board(up to 12,6)
1. Carsten Kurmis (STARBOARD)
2. Guido Meier
3. Axel Bischoff

Sprint Races:

Sprint 12,6 men
1. Moritz Mauch (STARBOARD)
2. Carsten Kurmis (STARBOARD)
3. Peter Weidert

Sprint 12,6 women
1. Sonni Hönscheid
2. Noelani Sach (STARBOARD)
3. Susanne Lier

Sprint 14 men
1. Kai-Nicolas Steimer
2. Moritz Martin (STARBOARD)
3. Normen Weber

Sprint 12,6 Inflatable men
1. Moritz Mauch (STARBOARD)
2. Normen Weber
3. Carsten Kurmis (STARBOARD)

Kids Sprint
1. Maui Sach (Starboard)
2. Carl Bischoff
3. Olivia Bischoff

Long Distance Results:
Long Distance 12,6 men
1. Peter Weidert
2. Normen Weber
3. Moritz Mauch (Starboard)

Long Distance 12,6 women
1. Sonja Hönscheid
2. Noelani Sach (STARBOARD)
3. Susanne Lier

Long Distance14
1. Stephan Stiefenhöfer
2. Moritz Martin (STARBOARD)
3. Arnd Dünzinger

(Pics Credit: Noelani)