Moritz Mauch Winner in Canarian/Spanish Race and SUP Championship

Congratulations to International Team Rider Moritz Mauch for his 1st place finish in the Sprint portion of the Canarian/Spanish Race Championship and for his 1st place finish in the SUP Surf Canarian Championship.

The race event took place 23rd of March in the South of Fuerteventura, it was the first race event on the canaries and in total 13 competitors took part. The conditions where really challenging, there was strong and gusty wind, up to 25 knots and some waves. The course included a little downwinder then head wind on the return.

Moritz used the 2013 Astro Touring Inflatable, which provided him with extra stability against the wind.

Moritz explains here why he chose to use the Astro Inflatable:
“Running late to get to the event, my mom brought me the inflatable at 8 a.m. to the ferry boat which took me from Gran Canaria to Fuerteventura. It was super easy to travel as I just brought my backpack filled with the STARBOARD Touring, my wetsuit, some water and fruit. In one hand I had my paddle, in the other hand my boat ticket. Only 2 hours later the ferry entered the harbor of Morro Jable and it took me a 20 minute walk to find a taxi. Just another 10 minutes later I arrived at the beach and had to hurry to pump up my board and to get the registration done. Minutes later, I heard the sound of the horn and off we went.”

Below are the results of the Pro Race and the Sprint of which Moritz finished first:

Results Pro Race:
1-Branislan Sramee.
2-Moritz Mauch.
3-Eduardo Díaz.
4-Christian Eloy.
5-Luis Alberto Gallego

Results Sprint Race:
1-Moritz Mauch.
2-Branislan Sramee.
3-Cristian Eloy.
4-Eduardo Díaz.
5-Braulio Fernandez.

On the next day, the Canarian SUP surfing Championship took place at la Cicer on Gran Canaria. The conditions where extremely windy, strong current and big waves with only 6 competitors deciding to compete. Moritz used the 7’4 Pro and feeling great he was able to turn tide and still float on the choppy conditions. Moritz found himself on the winners podium in first place followed by Starboards David Rodal(Vilayta) in second.

1-Moritz Mauch
2-David Rodal (Vilayta)
3-Jaran Rodriguez
4-Gerovan Abreu