the mangroves team


It’s already more than 15 years since my father Arne was standing paddling on a board at our lake Taco. He enjoyed exploring and was a pioneer at a time when the sport still did not have a name. SUP is now key to my health, our business and is a base for the Tiki family spanning over 100 countries.

The hundreds of prototype boards we test keep us busy while all the world titles our crew brings back each year keeps us motivated to keep on pushing the envelope.

Congratulations to Connor Baxter, Sean Poynter and Izzi Gomez with their 2015 World Titles. We support more riders than any other brand and utilize their feedback to enhance our rapid development process.

For 2016 we launch a full range of revolutionary All Star boards, elevating racing to an all time high level of speed and comfort. This is no ordinary update, but a paradigm shift in design and refinements. The Innovative Hyper Nut wave range is targeting riders hunting down world titles and anyone who wants to step up their performance a few notches. Our Inflatable Deluxe boards are best in class, while the Inflatable Zen / Club technology is the strongest ever with its triple rail band.

We go that extra mile to ensure that our riders get exactly what we designed and specified, thus our board production is inspected weekly by our own Starboard management before shipping.

Our company is getting more experienced after 22 years of board building, we learn from our failures and I would like to thank all our co-workers for support through the years.

As a company we pollute our planet, but we are set to reduce our CO2 emissions with Mangrove planting operation in Thailand. Google Blue Carbon for more interesting info. We are working on building and packaging our gear more friendly.
You will see running changes and announcements as we become less bad and more good.

I have been riding boards since 1976 and after 40 years on the water, I look forward to spending the next 40 years making it an even better place to be.



Svein Rasmussen

Chief Innovator.