You Won’t Believe What Happend At The Manhattan Paddleboard Marathon for SEA and Autism

Alright guys here’s the deal, I’m a New York native so I have to apologize on this late post. But incase you missed it also there’s a bunch of paddleboarders that decided it’d be a good idea to grab their paddleboards and paddle around Manhattan to raise funds and awareness for eight autism charities and SEA’s environmental projects. This is pretty amazing the running total for donations is well over $300,000 and the rallying cry for support from the Stand Up Paddle Industry was overwhelming. A big shout out to any of our readers that made this paddle and any of you guys that donated.

Check out this video below from 2008 I know it’s like super old for online video but it’ll get you pumped to take your paddleboard to New York and make 28 miles of paddling happen. There is another cool race for a great cause going down. in Holland here’s a link for some more info on that 11 city paddleboard marathon

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