“La Route du Ch’ti” : 5 hours for Arthur Arutkin, Olivier Garet and Benoit Chauvin

Young Starboard Waterman and SUP Racer Arthur Arutkin (FR), wins big in “La Route du Ch’ti”. We translated (English) the story for you below, but you can find the full story thanks to GetUp SUP Magazine here:

By JB Messiaen
It was quite a charged Saturday program on the Armentières water, with a RS: One Cup (48 participants) and Beach Race Paddle (38 participants), a lottery of a JP Australia board SUP of a value of 1100 Euros, one evening of madness with the prestigious group Famylia and DJ Lut’ S around an enormous fire and participants who came on the camping spot in order to better appreciate the event. The club Léo Lagrange did not receive less than 213 competitors in sailboard and Paddle for the 5 hours Sunday turn of the lake race (absolute record on a lake, exceeding the record of 192 registered last year).
All was set up by the three co-organizers, Manu Pommier, Arnaud Decaudin and Jean-Baptiste Messiaen, over one complete year of work, with volunteers, in order to all implement for the success of this incredible event, which is to gather the great champions of Windsurf and Paddle on a lake, mixing with the young and old amateurs. And these great champions made the trip. Julien Bontemps, triples world champion RS: X (Olympic sailboard), medal-holder in Beijing and who just came from the Olympic Games of London answered present at this sixth edition. He came accompanied by its Olympic preparer and binomial in Paddle on the Sunday race, Etienne Saiz as well as Pierre Loquet, Armentiérois living in Marseilles, trainer of the German Olympic team, in Race board binomial with the New Caledonian and world young champion RS: X 2010, Thomas Goyard, coming from La Rochelle. But it’s not all in Paddle, the young Arthur Arutkin, expert in Paddle Wave, Paddle Race and Wave windsurfing came to give its title concerned accompanied by Olivier Garet and the local Benjamin Coisne.

It is by a departure “24 heures du Mans”, that the 213 participants took the 5 hours race under a blazing sun and a wind, which will not exceed the 10 nodes. As a result, Paddles took the lead in the race and it is without surprise that Arthur Arutkin from Starboard in trio with Olivier Garet and Benoit Chauvin, gains its second trophy of sharp in Scratch in 29 turns, taking to 2 turns with his direct competitor in SUP, Julien Bontemps, and 6 turns with Thomas Goyard and fellow-member Pierre Loquet. Arthur finishes in beauty while using the whip on the last turn to exceed one second time the team classified second. Small Arthur gave everything, it tore off itself!

A large battle for the second place of Windsurf category was carried out until the last turn between Pierre Ledet’s team and the one of the local Sylvain Dehouve, winner of the past editions. All the weekend was animated with the microphone, inflatable games for any age, street theater, a fire-eater, musical quiz and a destocking of material of Windsurf and Paddle, organized by the Airwave store. The handing-over of the prices took place at 5 pm with a flock of gift offered by Prydegroup France and a lottery of a JP Australia slalom board of a value of 1700 Euros.

“La Route du Ch’ti” is from now on an inevitable event and it’s clear and obvious that the 2013 edition will take place as well. We could hear people whispering “And if next year, we reach more than 300 participants?…”

Sunday’s results
Route du Ch’ti, the 5 hours
1st team: PADDLE in 29 turns – Benoit Chauvin (CNWimereux) / Arthur Arutkin (Boulogne) / Olivier Garet (Berck)
2nd team: PADDLE in 27 turns – Julien Bontemps (ASPTT Nantes) / Etienne Saiz (Saint Files Croix de vie)
3rd team: RACEBOARD in 23 turns – Thomas Goyard (La Rochelle) and Pierre Loquet (Armentières)

BOARDS runners
1st team: Thomas Goyard (La Rochelle) et Pierre Loquet (Armentières)
2nd team: Pierre Ledet / Noé Descamps / Théo Debeunne (Villeneuve d’ascq)
3rd team: Syvain Dehouve (Amaury) and Benjamin Coisne (Armentières)

Large battle until last turn for the second place!

1st team: Chauvin Benoit (CNWimereux) / Arutkin Arthur (Boulogne) / Garet Olivier (Normandie)
2nd team: Julien Bontemps / Saiz Etienne
3rd team: Nys Jean Marc / Lemaire Pierre / Vienne Nicolas

1st: Lassalle Wilfrid / Alain Toquec (villeneuve d’Ascq)
2nd: Pauwels François and Baptiste (villeneuve d’Ascq) / Dalle Gaspard (Armentières)
3rd: Vanbeselaere Franck / Lotthe Martin (Armentières)

1st: Panier Camille (étaples) / Chavatte Romane (Armentières) / Louise Rainsard (Armentières)
2nd: Vanderschooten Jeanne / Lise Monier / Jaworska Léa (Armentières)
3rd: Montpellier Cécile (armentieres) / Manchez Christelle (Armentières)

1st: Rigaut Adrien (OGS) /Mantion Hugo (OGS) / Ponsola Elias (OGS)
2nd: Gourdin Hugo / Rembotte Léon (Wimereux)
3rd: La Cyall Corentin / Dewaele Louis (OGS)

Photo Credits courtesy of JB Messiaen