Choosing your paddle grip with Starboard SUP Team Rider - Bart De Zwart
How to hold your Starboard SUP Paddle

Understanding Starboard SUP Paddle Dihedrals

This video demonstrates the correct way to hold your paddle, focusing on the blade angle and grip on the shaft.

There are two design features that help minimize a blade fluttering in the water and instead provide a smooth and controlled stroke.
1) The blade angle is dictated by the size and shape of the paddle. For instance, Low angle blades tend to be longer and narrower designed for higher cadence strokes like the high aspect.

While high angle blades are designed for a more relaxed cadence but for greater power like the Enduro.

2) Each blade has what is called a dihedral angle that impacts how the water flows off the blade. The dihedral forms from the shaft at the top of the blade and helps direct the flow of water, creating a controlled and stable grip to minimize flutter. This coupled with the oval shaft provide a highly stable and controlled paddle stroke.

The Enduro has a higher defined dihedral due to the large size and shape.

The high aspect has a reduced dihedral as it is narrower and therefore has pulls less water in each stroke, providing a higher cadence style of stroke. It is referred as a scalpel cutting through the water.