How to install your fins for Starboard SUP Astro Inflatable Boards
How to Attach a Starboard Leash to Inflatable SUP.

The Starboard Inflatable

Comprehensive tutorial demonstrating how to inflate, maintain, deflate and store your Starboard Astro Inflatable board.

Equipment needed:
• Astro Inflatable SUP; Magic bag, V8 Double action pump,
• Screwdriver (Tiki tool- not included)

Video Instruction:

1. Start by removing the V8 Double action pump from the pump compartment in the Astro Magic bag.
2. Next assemble the pump by attaching the removable foot base and then connect the pump pipe to the OUT Socket.
3. Unpack the Astro inflatable from the Astro board bag.
4. Unroll the Astro to its full length making sure it’s on a clean surface.
5. Assemble the 3-piece paddle.
6. Unlock the Astro air valve.
7. Insert and screw in the pump pipe to the valve.
8. Start pumping up the board.
9. When the pump’s Tiki Gauge reaches 18 psi, remove the pipe and close the air valve.
10. Now turn the board over and insert the fin into the fin box by screwing it in.
11. It is important to maintain your Astro and paddle by regularly cleaning them after use.
12. When finished using your Astro, remove the fin and replace the screw back in the fin box.
13. To deflate the board, unlock the air valve and twist the valve counter clockwise to the release the air.

There are 2 options to packing your Astro.

Option 1, start by rolling the board from the nose as tightly as possible. Flatten the board in-between rolling to remove excess air. Turn the valve clockwise and replace the valve cap. Then repack the Astro back into the Astro magic bag. Pack the dis-assembled paddle in afterwards.

Option 2 – start by folding most of the air out. Then switch the pump pipe to the IN socket. Insert the pipe into the air valve and start to pump to deflate the board. The pump sucks out any remaining air in the Astro. Once deflated, remove the pump and close the air valve. Dis-assemble the paddle and then place it at the top of the deflated board and then roll up the board and paddle together. Lastly, place the paddle and Astro back into the Astro magic bag. Fasten the clips and drawstring. Disassemble the pump by removing the foot base and pipe and pack it into the pump compartment