How to Get Started and Stand Up on your Starboard SUP
Introduction to Basic Paddle Technique and Turning
How to hold your Starboard SUP Paddle

Starboard SUP Introduction to Basic Paddle Technique and Turning

This video displays how to perform a basic paddle stroke and SUP turns starting with the basic turn, crossbow turn and lastly the step back turn.

Basic Paddle Stroke

1. The paddle stroke needs to be smooth and clean when entering and exiting the water, otherwise called the catch and release phase of the stroke.
2. When holding the paddle, your top arm holds the handle and your lower arm grips the shaft of the paddle so its shoulder width apart.
3. To start the stroke, extend your lower arm and reach forwards to enter the blade in the water. As you pull the paddle towards you, your top arm pushes downwards digging the blade deep in the water.
4. As the paddle reaches inline with your feet, twist the blade to release it from the water to prepare for the next stoke.

Basic Turn
1. To perform a basic turn whilst standing up, gently push as wide as you can from the tail of the board towards the nose. To complete the turn, switch sides and pull the paddle from the nose to the tail keeping knees bent for stability.

Reverse Paddle Turn / Crossbow turn

1. The crossbow turn allows you turn efficiently by using your momentum without moving your footing. It can be used for both sides and is often used in racing as a more stable option to a step back turn.
2. Build up momentum and then start by twisting your shoulders sideways, lifting the paddle across the nose of the board. Enter the blade as wide as possible and slowly use the power face of the blade to push your paddle towards the nose.
3. Rotate your core and bend at the knees to generate the power in the stroke. Switch sides with the paddle and complete the turn by pulling the paddle from the nose to the tail. It is important not to twist the paddle when performing this stroke.

Step back turn
1. The step back is a quick and powerful turn that can be applied in both race and surf.
2. Step back with the leash foot into a sideways stance. The further back you step back, the faster you will turn.
3. Keep your torso facing forwards and eyes fixed on the nose of the board to keep your weight aligned and evenly distributed.
4. Maintain a wide stance to help balance on the board and keep legs bent to increase stability.
5. Paddle with a wide and strong stroke either on your front side of backside depending on which way you want to turn.
6. As you finish the turn, step forwards bringing both feet back into a parallel stance.