The Starboard Astro Inflatable
How to Attach a Starboard Leash to Inflatable SUP.

How to install your fins for Starboard SUP Inflatable Boards

This video explains how to install a Starboard center fin and side fins for the Starboard Astro Inflatable boards using the Tiki tool and Tiki fin key.

Items needed:

• Starboard Hexcel Center Fin
• Starboard Side Fin
• Fin key
• Screwdriver (Tiki Tool- Not included)
• Screw and Nut

Video Instruction

1. Start by having a screwdriver, a fin key, a center fin and side fins ready.
2. Place the pin side of the fin into the fin box. Slide the rest of the fin into the box and then insert the screw so that is aligned with the nut and then fasten with the Tiki tool.
3. When inserting the side fins, face the blank side of the fin inwards and fit the fin into the side fin box. Then start to tighten with the Tiki fin key, making sure both screws are tight.
4. Repeat the same process for the other side fin