How to Get Started and Stand Up on your Starboard SUP
Introduction to Basic Paddle Technique and Turning
How to hold your Starboard SUP Paddle

How to hold your Starboard SUP Paddle

This video demonstrates the correct way to hold your paddle, focusing on the blade angle and grip on the shaft.

It is essential to understand the correct way of holding your paddle so you get the most amount of power and efficiency in every stroke.

Firstly, the direction of the blade when in the water has a huge impact on the feel and power when paddling. If you look at the blade, the blade itself is not directly straight. Instead it sits on an angle to help give a smooth entry into the water and reduce pressure on your shoulder. The blade angle should always face away from you, NOT towards you.

This side of the blade is called the power face of the blade. If you have the blade the wrong way with angle facing towards you when paddling, the blade will start to flutter through the water and is likely to hit the rail of the board.