Izzi Gomez takes 1st in La Torche, France on 7’4 SUP Pro.

Congratulations to Izzi Gomez, who was not even scheduled to attend the France competition of the Stand Up World Tour. It was the last event of the year for the inaugural women’s division of the tour and Izzi managed to find herself competing amongst the best in the world. She then found herself standing on top of the podium in 1st place. Izzi came in 3rd overall along side teammate and 2nd place overall winner, Vanina Walsh.

Here is the final event in Izzi’s own words:

“I was just so excited to go to France not knowing at all what to expect. We flew into Paris and waited for Sean, Zane, & Yann to arrive. The six of us squeezed into our rental car, with all of our luggage, five board bags strapped on top, and headed for La Torche. Seven hours later, we arrived at the campsite. We all decided it would be more fun to just share one cabin. It was super tight, but cozy. We all slept in the next day and got up around one. That was the latest I have ever slept in my life! We were all excited to get in the water, so we headed straight to the beach. Unfortunately, it looked like victory at sea, there was so much white water moving and the wind was howling. So we decided to eat some crepes and then we went on a mission to find some waves. We found some nice clean chest high barrels. It was so fun! The next couple of days were challenging conditions, though we managed to find some waves here and there. When it came time for the contest to begin, I think we all felt confident at the break. We charged it all together, in all conditions. We called ourselves “The Wolfpack”. HaHa.
The guys really looked out for me and encouraged me to just go for it. Sean took over as head coach and Zane was the best cheerleader ever, along with my mom, Giorgio, Geo, and Yann. I couldn’t have done it without them! I was so blessed to be surrounded with such amazing talent and energy. Everyone was surfing really good and in high spirits. Unfortunately, the guys got put out, but they toughed it out in the wind, rain, and cold until the end for me.
It was the final day of the contest, I was anxious to surf no matter the conditions. I ran up to check the waves. It looked pretty tough out there, so they decided to wait for the tide. I went out for a practice. I caught a big wave on the outside, as I was paddling back out getting cleaned up on the inside. I noticed a crack in the side of my board. Zane paddled in to check on me and I started to cry. I had to surf the Semis in less than an hour. He brushed my tears away and cheered me up in an instance. He reminded me that Sean had the same 7′ 4” at the cabin. Thankfully, Sean let me borrow his board and he got me ready for my heat.
I paddled out a with butterflies in my stomach, then looked over and saw everyone cheering me on. I knew I had to get to work. It was not really working on the outside, so I managed to catch some reforms that walled up on the inside. I was feeling pretty good but I wanted to better my my 2nd wave score, as I did, Vanina then caught another wave at the last minute that would better her score. It was quite intense as we waited for the results.
I was so excited to hear that I was going to surf the finals! The conditions were only becoming more challenging and I knew I had to step up my game and surf smart to win. It was Caroline’s break and she was surfing strong throughout the contest. I took a deep breath, listened to “Coach Sean”, and went out there and had fun! Then I won! It felt like a dream! I am so thankful that Starboard took a chance on me and helped me to make it to France! I am also blessed to have the best team-mates ever! We had the best time in France and I couldn’t have done it without the support of “The Wolfpack” (Sean, Zane, Giorgio, Geo, & Yann) and my mom. Thank you for having me and my brother on the Starboard Team!”